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Ferrari bans patrons from buying its supercars and hypercars. The Italian brand will blacklist shoppers if they don’t comply with what the storied marque considers correct behavior and treatment of its vehicles. However, other brands will ban repeat buyers if they speculate in or flip their vehicles for a quick buck with a bloated price. Such is the case with Tesla. The electrified automaker could ban you, or even sue you if you try to sell your Tesla Cybertruck for a profit.

Tesla is serious about buyers attempting to flip their Cybertrucks for a profit

The Tesla Cybertruck isn’t subtle. Aside from its massive footprint and perception-challenging low-resolution styling, the EV pickup truck is in the news quite a bit. Unfortunately for the Cybertruck, not all of its news is good news. For instance, owners were apoplectic to find tiny surface rust spots on their expensive EV trucks after rain.

However, some of the most recent Cybertruck buzz surrounds resale practices. Specifically, some Cybertruck buyers will take delivery of their new EVs and rapidly post them for sale. However, Tesla says that it will take punitive action against buyers who attempt to sell their Cybertruck too quickly. 

A Tesla Cybertruck parks by the water.
Cybertruck | Tesla

What’s more, Tesla stipulates that owners agree to keep their EV truck for at least one year before attempting a resale. Tesla is so adamant about that fact that the company threatens legal action against violators to the tune of $50,000 or more.

Moreover, owners in the Cybertruck Owners Club report being banned by Tesla. For instance, one user said that the brand’s legal team located a posting for their newly acquired Cybertruck.

Consequently, the electric car marque canceled two subsequent orders that the patron had on the books. Sure, the brand refunded their cash. However, the legal team informed the buyer that if they attempted to order another vehicle, they wouldn’t be refunded.