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If you’re plugged into electric vehicle industry developments, you’ll know that Tesla Cybertruck owners and critics cite rust spots after rainfall. It’s not a good look for the latest revolutionary and disruptive Tesla EV. What’s more, celebrities like Pharrell Williams are already driving their Cybertrucks in public. They’re going to want to think twice before driving them in the wet. That is, unless they’re ready to break out the cleaning kit.  

Serena Williams and Pharrell Williams might want to keep their Tesla Cybertrucks dry

The Tesla Cybertruck is a perception-challenging EV. For starters, its low-res look is controversial. Beyond the jagged lines of the Cybertruck, the electric pickup’s stainless steel body is a rarity. Therein lies the issue; many owners have taken to social media to complain about small rust spots following rainfall. 

Despite the blemishes, a few celebs have already traversed the public eye in their Tesla EV trucks. For instance, Pharrell Williams has a Cybertruck, and he drove his big video game-ish truck around the posh Miami Design District in Miami, Florida. Of course, he might want to mind the truck’s appearance; Miami gets more than twice the national average for rainfall, per the Florida Climate Center

Pharrell Williams, a celebrity with a Tesla Cybertruck, poses in a cowboy hat and rust colored glasses.
Pharrell Williams | Edward Berthelot, Getty Images

In addition to Pharrell Williams, tennis superstar Serena Williams didn’t pass on the opportunity to get one of the futuristic stainless steel trucks. Pictures of Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, hitting the streets in their Cybertruck aren’t scarce on social media. 

Among the other celebrities spotted getting some seat time in the Cybertruck, famous TV host Jay Leno drove an early production model around Southern California. However, Leno doesn’t own the truck. Still, the Cybertruck’s rightful owner will want to stay on top of rust spots. Well, if they want their DeLorean-esque EV pickup to keep looking as good as possible. 

Despite being of stainless steel construction, Cybertruck owners are complaining of rust marks after rain

A Tesla Cybertruck engineer commented on the public’s anger regarding “pinhead” sized orange oxidation spots on the electric trucks, per Business Insider

According to the engineer, the Cybertruck’s stainless skin is reactive, and free iron deposits on the outermost surface will rust. However, owners can use a rust remover like CitriSurf 77 to loosen the surface oxidation and wipe it away. For some diligent owners, it could be as simple as staying on top of cleanliness and maintenance

It’s a straightforward solution for an irritating issue. While I can imagine a wealthy celebrity commissioning a surface buffing for their sizable EV pickup truck, other owners might be stuck tending to the exterior themselves.