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The electric vehicle market is expanding quite a bit as more automakers invest in a more sustainable future. However, Tesla is still on top, and this is by a long shot. It’s no surprise that the automaker topped the list of the most EV registrations and sales in January by a large margin. The Tesla Model Y is among the best midsize SUVs and also happens to be the automaker’s top seller.

Here’s a look at Tesla’s sales so far this year.

Tesla has the highest number of EV sales and registrations so far this year

January saw a 15% increase in EV registrations over the year prior. According to InsideEVs, there were 89,042 new all-electric vehicles registered, and Tesla was responsible for 48,757. This figure equates to about 54.8% of the EV market, which means Tesla sales are doing well this year. For context, there were 40,285 non-Tesla all-electric vehicles registered during the month.

The Tesla Model Y is among the best midsize SUVs
Tesla Model Y | Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

Despite Tesla making up so much of the EV sales, it is necessary to note that the number of non-Tesla sales is up as there is more competition in the market. In fact, Hyundai showed a 79 percent increase with 4,144 EV units sold. Rivian also increased by 46 percent as it had 3,818 EVs registered. However, some automakers saw a decrease, as Chevy was down by 42 percent and Volkswagen decreased by 47 percent.

The Tesla Model Y has the biggest EV sales of any other vehicle on the market. In January, there were 32,248 new Tesla Model Y models registered, which accounts for about two-thirds of the automaker’s sales. Notably, this is 36 percent of the entire all-electric vehicle market.

Of course, the Tesla Model Y also did big numbers in 2023, as there were around 1.2 million registrations for the vehicle. This represents a 57 percent increase in sales and registrations of the EV compared to 2022.

The Tesla Model Y is considered among the best midsize SUVs and has been on the market since 2020. The newest model has a max range of about 330 miles and only needs about 3.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour. The Tesla Model Y starts at $43,990.

Of course, Tesla is facing more competition from more well-known automakers than ever. However, Tesla is still holding strong as no one has come close to its EV sales and registrations so far this year. It should also be noted that Tesla has started to do ads, which should help it continue its hold thanks to more promotion.