2022 Nikola Badger parked in field
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Nikola Gives General Motors Cold Feet

Recently, it seems like General Motors was ready to go all-in by partnering with Nikola to provide parts for their electric vehicles. Now it looks as if GM could be considering backing out of the deal.  Will General Motors partner with Nikola?  According to AutoBlog, General Motors and Nikola have not finalized their deal to …

Electric GMC Hummer
Hybrids & Electrics

Hummer Reveal Date Delayed

Some of you may recall a commercial during the Superbowl in February announcing the return of Hummer in an all-electric form. What has trickled out since then is that Hummer will be a vehicle or two under the GMC umbrella. Now we have word that the reveal of the first vehicle, originally scheduled for May, 20th has been delayed. COVID-19 Delays and cancellations …


GM is Done With Its Car Subscription Service Maven

General Motors’ car subscription service, Maven, is officially donezo. Maven was essentially an app-based car-sharing service that was created to compete with the likes of Share Now and Zipcar. When it was first introduced in 2016, it was marketed as the “AirBnB of cars”. Maven members could borrow cars in their area for personal use …

Chevy Blazer on display at auto show

Reasons Not To Like The 2020 Blazer

Mention the names Blazer, or K5, and people often have images of a rugged, off-roading, infinitely customizable, full-size SUV in their mind’s eye. That mental picture was accurate from 1969 through the 1994 model year. Then, in the following years, General Motors, Chevrolet’s parent company, decided to dilute the Blazer reputation by placing that nameplate …

GM C1 Platform SUVs | Getty
Trucks & SUVs

8 GM SUVs Are Exactly The Same Underneath

Platform sharing is nothing new to the car industry. It allows each manufacturer to spread out its development and tooling costs over several vehicles that are all the same underneath. GM has eight SUVs that are exactly the same underneath. The sheetmetal, interiors, and even wheelbases can be sliced and diced, but everything underneath is …

GM Truck Assembly Plant Flint, Michigan-Getty
Trucks & SUVs

UAW Strike Threatens Chevrolet Silverado Supply

The last General Motors truck assembly plant running while the UAW/GM strike enters its fourth week has been shut down. Automotive News said the Silao, Mexico, plant had to stop production due to parts shortages. Analysts say dealerships have only about two weeks left before they start seeing a reduction in supplies of Chevrolet Silverados …


UAW Strike Could Destroy Michigan’s Economy

If the United Auto Workers strike against General Motors were to last more than a week, it could drive the Michigan economy into a head-first recession worse than the UAW strike in 2010. That’s according to economic experts queried by the Detroit News. There are 14 assembly plants being picketed in Michigan, which puts those …

Trucks & SUVs

Massive GM Recall Over Truck/SUV Brakes

A brake issue that first became apparent almost five years ago has resulted in a recall of almost 3.5 million General Motors large pickups and SUVs. So far, the brake problem has caused 113 accidents and 13 injuries. It has also been responsible for hundreds of complaints fielded by federal regulators at the NHTSA. You …

American made car

UAW Authorizes a Strike At GM

As we’ve mentioned in August the United Auto Workers union contracts with FCA, Ford, and GM are up for renewal this month. It is known that tensions between the UAW and GM are high because it has the least amount of union workers and has announced plans to idle four plants in America while shifting …

Deadly car accident

Could GM Survive if Ordered to Leave China?

Could General Motors survive if 43% of its business ceased to exist? Could any business survive that kind of hit? It’s a question everyone in the car industry is asking after a series of tweets from President Trump “ordering” American companies to look for alternatives to doing business in and with China.  Then Saturday Trump …

Hybrids & Electrics

GM, VW Say “No Future” in Hybrids

Model cancellations, consolidations, and a march toward electrification are leading car manufacturers to make drastic decisions. Today, the Wall Street Journal announced that both General Motors and Volkswagen are killing off their Hybrid models. For them, it’s either conventional engines or electric — no middle ground. What they’re saying “Our strong preference is to go …