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Buick is an American automotive manufacturing division of General Motors. Buick is primarily known in the modern era for offering premium upscale models, providing a compromise in quality between the economy cars of Chevrolet and the luxury vehicles of Cadillac.

As one of the first American automakers, the company was founded in 1899 as the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company in Detroit, Michigan. Although the company made a few one-off vehicles in its early years, it was primarily focused on producing stationary and marine engines. However, the company changed its name to the Buick Motor Company in 1903 and commenced automobile production in 1904 after moving to the city of Flint.

In 1908, General Motors was founded as a holding company, taking inspiration from General Electric. Buick was integrated as the first manufacturer and was later joined by Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and many other automotive marques over the years.

Despite being an infamous American automotive brand, the current lineup of Buick vehicles is most successfully marketed in China, where roughly 80% of Buick models are sold.

Featured Vehicle: Encore GX

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All Buick Vehicles:

SUVs and Minivans:

Encore: A premium subcompact crossover SUV and the smallest Buick model

Encore GX: A slighter larger version of the Encore with more cabin and cargo space

Envision: A premium compact SUV model packed with features

Enclave: This premium full-size SUV is the largest and most expensive model currently offered by the Buick brand

Recently Discontinued Vehicles

Cascada: An upscale and sporty convertible roadster

LaCrosse: A premium midsize sedan that succeeded the Century and Skylark

Regal: A Buick nameplate assigned to a lineup of builds, including a sedan, Sportback, and station wagon

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