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In the ever-evolving world of luxury crossovers, the competition is fierce, and automakers are constantly striving to maintain a presence. In the small luxury crossover segment, two vehicles have lead the pack in 2023, setting the bar high for others to follow. The Buick Envision and Lexus NX have emerged as the frontrunners in this competitive luxury SUV arena, with the former making significant strides in recent times.

Here, we’ll look at both models and speculate about why the Envision is quickly catching up with the NX.

Buick Envision sales surge to second place

According to GM Authority, during the second quarter of 2023, the Buick Envision made an impressive leap in sales, securing its position as the second best-selling compact premium crossover among 10 contenders. This remarkable achievement has brought the Buick Envision to the forefront of the segment, right behind the reigning champion, the Lexus NX.

The NX, maintaining its stronghold, continued its reign at the top of the sales charts for well over a year. The NX witnessed a remarkable 94% increase in sales, commanding an impressive 18,482 units sold during the second quarter of 2023.

However, it’s the Envision that has truly stolen the spotlight. With a staggering 99% jump in sales, the Envision registered a remarkable 13,486 units sold during the same period.

Buick Envision’s remarkable sales growth

The Buick Envision had an astounding 152% YTD increase. This extraordinary sales growth for the Buick Envision can be attributed to several factors. The Envision’s supply was limited in 2022 following severe production constraints stemming from the microchip shortage, as well as transportation issues. This may have contributed to the huge leap in sales for 2023 when many of these issues have been mostly resolved.

Additionally, Buick’s commitment to offering a competitive price point for the Envision has made it a more enticing choice for luxury crossover buyers than the NX. The combination of value for money and a premium driving experience has undoubtedly contributed to the Envision’s recent success.

The Buick Envision vs. the Lexus NX: a rivalry worth watching

The 2023 Buick Envision is the third model year of the second generation of this crossover. It remains largely unchanged from the 2022 Envision save for a few updates to the color palette and equipment, including new standard equipment added to the Avenir trim level.

The Envision is still powered by GM’s turbocharged 2.0L I4 LSY gasoline engine, which has 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. The four-cylinder engine is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission from GM. Front-wheel drive comes standard, and all-wheel drive can be added for an extra cost.

The Lexus NX, on the other hand, was redesigned in 2022 so it remains largely unchanged for the 2023 year. The 2023 NX has four powertrain options. The NX250 has a 203-hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, while the NX350 has a 275-hp turbocharged 2.4-liter engine. Both have an eight-speed automatic transmission, but the NX250 can have either front- or all-wheel drive, while the NX350 comes with all-wheel drive as standard.

The Envision is quickly catching up to the NX thanks to its affordability and upscale look. If the Envision is to overtake the NX next quarter, it will need to continue its upward trend in sales growth. As these two options continue to compete for the top spot, it is clear that consumers will be the ones to benefit in the end, with more options and better products in the small luxury crossover segment.


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