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The 2023 Buick Encore GX is one of the highest-rated small SUVs on the market. Not only does it have a versatile look that works well for all types of drivers, but the Encore GX is a reasonably powerful vehicle. People also like it because, despite being a subcompact SUV, the 2023 Buick Encore GX is a spacious vehicle that can accommodate all the basic needs of a small family.

Here’s a look at the Buick Encore GX by the numbers:

Engine1.2-liter inline-3/ 1.3-liter inline-3
Horsepower137 horsepower/ 155 horsepower
Torque162 lb-ft/ 174 lb-ft
0 to 60 time9.3 seconds
Cargo capacity50.2 cu. ft. (Seats folded)
Continuously variable-speed automatic
Drive trainFront and all-wheel drive options

The 2023 Buick Encore GX has much to offer buyers. It’s a wonderfully versatile small SUV that is more than its numbers. Here’s why people should consider buying it.

1. The 2023 Buick Encore GX is a reliable SUV

Reliability is one of the most important factors for any vehicle. Luckily, the 2023 Buck Encore GX is one of the best small SUVs in this regard. The SUV has an overall rating of 85 from J.D. Power, which is great, but it especially excels in reliability with its 87 out of 100. This score means buyers can trust that the Encore GX has few overall defects, malfunctions, and design flaws that could pose significant issues.

It’s also important to point out that a high-reliability score means drivers should spend less on repairs. This is because, outside of scheduled maintenance, the 2023 Buick Encore GX shouldn’t need too much time in an automotive mechanic’s shop. Of course, any vehicle can still break down, but this one is much less likely to than a vehicle with a lower quality & reliability score.

2. The Buick dealership experience is highly rated

People should also consider buying a 2023 Buick Encore GX because they will more than likely have a positive interaction with their local Buick dealership. J.D. Power gave the Encore GX a 92 out of 100 in dealership experience. A high dealership experience score means that buyers reported feeling helped and supported during the car buying process. Additionally, the dealership also treated them well whenever they went back for any scheduled maintenance.

Dealership experience isn’t the first thing most car buyers consider when buying a vehicle. However, it’s essential for several reasons. On the part of the customer, a positive experience helps ensure they not only get the perfect SUV but that they feel the need to support the automaker in the future. The dealership experience score also matters to the automaker because it leads to repeat customers.

3. The 2023 Buick Encore GX offers a great driving experience

The 2023 Buick Encore GX is also one of the best small SUVs because it offers a solid driving experience. This is evident by J.D. Power giving the small SUV an 82 out of 100. J.D. Power measures the driving experience with a few factors, such as performance, comfort, safety, and technology. Next to quality and reality, this is perhaps the most important score the organization assigns. It is relevant because it reflects how people feel about the Encore GX.

Regarding performance, the 2023 Buick Encore GX isn’t the most powerful SUV. However, it provides a smooth ride. As stated, it comes standard with a turbocharged 1.2-liter inline-three engine with a maximum output of 137 horsepower. All other trims of the GX use a turbocharged 155-hp 1.3-liter engine. The Encore GX also has front and all-wheel drive configurations.

The 2023 Buick Encore GX is one of the best small SUVs for several reasons. Not only does it have the J.D. Power ratings on its side, but this SUV is also dynamic and offers an overall comfortable experience. The 2023 Buick Encore GX starts at $27,196, which makes it competitive.