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Richard Sachek

Richard Sachek is an avid traveler and do-it-yourselfer. He got started in the automotive world with his first car, a 1968 Ford Mustang, with a price tag of $100 (a hundred bucks being a direct reflection of its condition) before he had his driver’s license. His curious confidence and interest in cars have led him through various make-driven phases, including C3 Corvettes, multiple Jeeps, Porches, and many pickup trucks from his days in construction management. He does all his own maintenance and repairs to the degree possible, and has installed suspension lift kits, rebuilt engines, and has a deep familiarity with car audio and alarm systems from his side hustle in the 90s. Richard has a bachelor’s in business administration, and he’s visited more than 30 countries, including a memorable road trip on the south island of New Zealand, where his bargain basement rental car had fist-sized holes in the floor pans and a broken fuel gauge. To us at MotorBiscuit, his casual authority and relatability make for rich cars writing.

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