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Al Yankovic, better known as “Weird Al,” is quite possibly the most accomplished parody musician in the world. As such, you would probably expect a celebrity like Weird Al Yankovic to have an affinity for some odd wheels. You’d be right; Yankovic’s past with a 1964 Plymouth Belvedere contributed to his quirkiness and even a song of his: “Belvedere Cruising.”

Weird Al took a ride down memory lane with the help of Jay Leno and a Plymouth Belvedere

Weird Al Yankovic took a ride with Jay Leno on the talk show host’s popular series “Jay Leno’s Garage.” The two met up at Yankovic’s childhood home, a single-story home in Lynwood, California. Still, the parody star’s home wasn’t the only blast from the past; Leno pulled up in a white 1966 Plymouth Belvedere. 

At a glance, the Belvedere isn’t much. Leno’s example had a rough-looking (and running) 361 cubic-inch V8 powering a GM wagon which, let’s face it, has seen better days. However, the approaching wagon was enough to put a smile on Yankovic’s face. While it’s not the same Belvedere from Yankovic’s past, it’s undoubtedly enough to take the musician down memory lane.

A 1964 Pontiac Belvedere was a formative fixture for Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic performs a song like 'Belvedere Cruising,' a tune he made about his childhood Plymouth Belvedere.
Weird Al Yankovic | Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Although the Belvedere that Jay Leno showcased on the show is a 1966 model, the car from Weird Al Yankovic’s past was a 1964 wagon. It’s a quirky wagon by today’s standards. Big, spacious, and the last word in inefficiency. Still, with features like a rear-facing set of back seats, it’s good fun.

In fact, the long, lazy wagon was enough of an influential vehicle for Weird Al that he wrote a song about it. Yankovic’s 1976 song “Belvedere Cruising” cited the 1964 Plymouth model several times. “I can take you anywhere in my 1964 Belvedere,” he sings. Later in the song, he calls the classic car a remedy for the blues. “It can take away your blues. All you’ve gotta do is cruise in my big black Plymouth Belvedere tonight.”

It’s an apropos ride for the accomplished artist. It doesn’t take much to imagine a young Yankovic belting out tunes in the back of a Belvedere. 

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