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If you believe in curses, then the Ford Bronco might just have one. It has had more recalls, delays, and supply-chain issues than any vehicle we can remember.  Just last month Ford filed its 10th recall over loose lug nuts from the factory. But nothing can explain what buyers with reservations are going through. And now why the Dearborn automaker is sitting on hundreds to thousands of completed Broncos?

No one know why Ford repeatedly delays Bronco orders

The front grille of the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport with red Bronco badging. The new 2024 Bronco may have different appearance options once it's available to order.
2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition | Ford Motor Company

The main problem for those with Bronco orders right now is the repeated delays. Ford has sent out numerous Production Date Changes emails, sometimes culminating in several delays for a single Bronco. And some have seen updates moving production up, only to get a subsequent notice (sometimes several) informing of another delay. 

When buyers place an order, they’ll get a notice that this person’s Bronco has a set production schedule. But some then begin receiving notices every two or three weeks pushing the date back still further. Sometimes buyers go to the Ford website showing the latest production schedules, to find their Bronco’s build date has disappeared. 

Where is this lot full of completed Broncos?

Shot of 2023 Ford Broncos in Ypsilanti holding lot surrounded by trees
2023 Ford Broncos in Ypsilanti holding lot | Reddit

But what makes this whole frustrating process stranger is an image on a Bronco forum. It shows hundreds (look closely, there may be thousands?) of new Broncos sitting in a fenced-off holding lot. The photo was shot last week in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The site of all these new Broncos is a former Ford assembly plant in Ypsilanti that was razed years ago. 

Is this about more supply chain issues and lack of transportation, or is Ford holding Broncos back to increase demand? Looking at comments on the forums, there are many that believe this is the way Ford keeps demand high, while also allowing dealerships to make off with huge markups for those who will pay almost anything to get a new Bronco. 

With the amount of negative publicity Ford has endured over recalls, and delays over the past few years, especially for vehicles in their first year of production, we highly doubt Ford would risk further reputation damage by holding back deliveries. Nonetheless, images of hundreds of Broncos sitting in fields tend to bring out those wanting to blame Ford on several fronts. 

Are Bronco delays caused by the MIC hardtops-again?

Red and white 2023 Ford Bronco parked on sand
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

It is interesting to see the amount of molded-in-color hardtops within this gang of vehicles. Is Ford having more quality problems with the Bronco MIC hardtop? It has been an ongoing problem since before Bronco production began in June 2021. At the beginning of last year, Ford advised those wanting a Bronco sooner should order it with the soft-top instead. 

And just to add a bit more confusion or frustration, Ford offered $2,500 to buyers with orders for the Wildtrak trim, to choose a different trim because of supply issues. Now some of those that took Ford up on its offer have seen their Bronco build dates pushed back further. So they’re not happy about making the change with no promised result. 

If you’re thinking about ordering a new Bronco, you should check out the various forums before you pull the trigger, just so you know what you’re getting into. 


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