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Microchips for cars assembled in Huai'an City, China
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The Microchips Are Down for Cars as the Shortage Continues

Although the world—and car sales—is starting to recover from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many problems still linger. And one of the biggest problems car companies are facing right now is a microchip shortage affecting everything from pickup trucks to muscle cars. But how widespread is this issue exactly? What caused it, and is it going …
Toyota company logo seen on one of their car dealerships showrooms in London
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How Toyota Took Over

Toyota Motor Corporation is the highest valued, most prominent carmaker on Earth. The success of cars like the Toyota Corolla and crossover SUVs like the Toyota RAV4 helped this Japanese car company rise to the top. Plus, the company puts out sturdy and reliable trucks such as the Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Tacoma pickup. This …
The three millionth vehicle produced at at the General Motors Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant, a 2020 Chevrolet Traverse Redline Edition, waits to roll off the assembly line
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Do You Know Where Your Car Was Built?

If Honda and Toyota are Japanese companies, then their cars are built in Japan, right? No, not really. Actually most Honda, Acura, Toyota, Kia, and even BMW cars are built right here in the U.S. while some other cars, like those that wear Ford, GM, and Dodge are actually built in other places on the …