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I don’t know what any of us would ever need this for, but let’s at least just ooh and ahh for a mere moment here.

Mercedes-Benz factory-designed these outlandish six-wheeled behemoths and sold them for only three years, from 2013 to 2015. About 100 G63 pickups were made, all with the same 5.5L twin turbo V8 your standard, “every day” G-Klasse touts.

Presenting real H1 Humvee vibes, the tires are air-pump controlled to adjust to various terrains. Its five differentials can be locked at your leisure on the cliffside. Its three autonomous axles boast “inter-articulation,” or the ability to navigate independently. At over 7.5 ft tall, this six-wheeled monster truck is impractical, yes, but oh-so-gnarly.

Prestige Imports in Miami Beach listed a 2015 G-Wagon pickup back in August for about twice as much as its 2023 comps. It’s actively for sale today; hmm, wonder why? The $1,795,950 listing reports the odometer reading at only 9,500 miles and nothing else of note. It has the standard quilted interior upholstery and the like.

Another 2015 6X6 with 35k miles sold out of Jacksonville this year for a piddly $201k. Unless I’m missing something, I’m not sure the low miles are a fair exchange for the price here.

Despite only 100 examples of G63 pickups, the market isn’t quiet. According to, 13 G-Wagon pickups were sold in the last five years, with an average sale price of around $812k. That’s just the data from the pool of sites sharing their listings; I’d expect private sales to be higher or lower depending on the region and which billionaire is looking.