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Alex Lemieux

Alex joined MotorBiscuit as a Staff Writer, Content Specialist in 2023, focusing on the latest and greatest sedans and coupes, one-off builds, and consumer buying advice. He brings with him a keen eye for meaning and a passion for manufacturing history, leading Alex to appreciate both cheap and cheerful “people’s cars” and the torque and opulence of corporate-class luxury sedans. Also, a Hampden-Sydney College Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with an ever-essential minor in Rhetoric.

Beforehand, he spent nearly a decade melding his wide-ranging curiosity and storytelling ability reporting in numerous fields, from breaking political news to scientific discoveries to wholesome kitten rescue tales, while cutting grass in between.

When Alex isn’t dreaming of taking his beloved 1993 Dodge Dakota Sport to RADwood, he’s walking to get a coffee, watering his plants, or admiring the works of fellow automotive personalities like Jason Cammisa, Nicola Hume, James May, Rob Pitts, Chris Harris, Kristen Lee, and Mr. Regular.

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