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The 2024 E-Tourneo Courier is Ford’s newest EV SUV. It calls it a “Multi-Activity Vehicle” because it is more like a mashup of a minivan and an SUV. It follows Ford’s EV SUV push following the release of the E-Transit Courier and Explorer EV. What the three have in common besides the obvious is that, at least for now, none are available in the U.S. 

Is the E-Tourneo Courier a van or an SUV?

2024 Ford E-Tourneo Courier small van/SUV driving on road
2024 Ford E-Tourneo Courier small van/SUV | Ford

Yes, the E-Tourneo Courier is for Europe-only distribution. Its big marketing push will be around its versatility. Ford says it satisfies wonders wanting to “combine SUV-inspired style, spacious practicality, and city-friendly maneuverability.” 

To most of us in the U.S., the E-Tourneo Courier is more like an electric van and less like an SUV. In fact, that’s what it is from, the E-Transit van, debuting in April. It’s an E-Transit van with windows the automaker calls an SUV. Sort of like the four-door sedans with sloping roofs carmakers, these days, like to call “coupes.” 

How much cargo space does the E-Tourneo Courier have?

2024 Ford E-Tourneo Courier small van/SUV black interior dash
2024 Ford E-Tourneo Courier small van/SUV | Ford

Part of the way it accomplishes this is by its squared-off architecture. Ford touts the E-Tourneo Courier body offering 44% more cargo space than the gas-powered Tourneo van it replaces. Cargo space expands with the elimination of the larger gas engines of the past. By U.S. standards, the E-Tourneo Courier is relatively small, along the lines of a Honda Element. 

The rear bench seat features a 60-40 split back to handle longer items. And there’s still additional space with a convenient frunk. The dash features a generous-for-its-size 12-inch touchscreen. 

How much power does the E-Tourneo Courier have?

Shot looking down into a 2024 Ford E-Tourneo Courier small van/SUV frunk
2024 Ford E-Tourneo Courier small van/SUV | Ford

Power is from a 100 kW electric motor, with 134 hp. Charging from 10% to 80% takes less than 35 minutes. As of now, Ford has not revealed the E-Tourneo Courier’s range. It will also come in a gas-powered version. A one-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine with 134 hp will come as a hybrid, with 11kW AC and 100 kW DC charging. 

Ford has seen tremendous interest in its small pickup the Maverick. Its size and hybrid powertrain have made it a hit, catching Ram and Chevrolet off-guard. Could a U.S. E-Tourneo Courier see the same type of acceptance from the minivan and SUV crowd? We think so, which is why we’re puzzled the van/SUV isn’t headed to our shores. 

Will a small van sell in the U.S.?

2024 Ford E-Tourneo Courier small van/SUV side view
2024 Ford E-Tourneo Courier small van/SUV | Ford

Could This New Electric delivery Van’s Hot Sales Show That EV Vans Are the Future?

There really are no small minivans, let alone electric versions, so buyers wanting something smaller flock to Toyota Rav4s and Honda HR-Vs. Ford’s EcoSport and Bronco Sport satisfy the small SUV segment for the Dearborn manufacturer here. But the boxier proportions and taller upper put it visually into a different segment than either the Bronco Sport or EcoSport. 

So it stands a chance of creating its own new segment. The Maverick pickup sold almost 75,000 trucks last year and is on track to beat that number in 2023. We’re not saying an E-Tourneo Courier would do similar numbers, but Ford must be at least considering that the same fortune might befall a small minivan here.