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Electric vehicles are here, or coming soon, in nearly every segment. Pickup trucks, crossovers, sports cars, you name it, there’s an EV version. However, one of the most significant holes is the van, or minivan segment. We’ve got hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and overall more fuel-efficient options. However, are there any electric vans? Here are the electric vans and minivans coming soon.

Electric van: Volkswagen ID.Buzz

2024 VW ID. Buzz EV, are there any electric vans or minivans?
2024 VW ID. Buzz | Volkswagen

Do we consider this a bus, van, or minivan? Regardless, it has to be the most popular electric van coming to the market. If you’re interested in an EV of this size or just feeling nostalgic, it’s going to be a great option. Based on Volkswagen’s Microbus of the 1960s, this EV will cruise onto the streets of Europe in 2022, then the United States in 2023. The automaker officially unveiled this new model on March 9, and it’s looking snazzy.

Electric minivan: Chrysler Pacifica EV

2022 Chrysler Pacifica, could it be the first electric minivan?
2022 Chrysler Pacifica | Stellantis

One of the most upscale and family-oriented minivans available, the Pacifica will soon go electric. Subsequently, it’s already available as a plug-in hybrid, but have you seen gas prices? The only way to truly save money on gas is to stop buying it altogether. With the new Chrysler Pacifica EV, owners can say goodbye to their weekly gas station visits. Chrysler’s best-selling product is just one of the many vehicles it’s transforming into EVs by 2028. According to KBB, the Chrylser Airflow is coming soonest in 2025, but the publication is hopeful for a Pacifica EV in 2026.

Commercial first: Ford E-Transit

According to KBB, the Ford E-Transit is being built and will soon be shipped to customers. Unfortunately, the initial release is to commercial customers, so personal buyers can’t get one yet. These aren’t the type to seat 12 of your friends or turn into a place to live, so don’t fret. Commercial customers will soon enjoy its 126 miles of driving range for the starting price of around $45,000. KBB said it wouldn’t be surprising if an E-Transit with 200-250 miles of range became available in the near future. If that wish comes true, those would be the perfect option for living in a van, down by the nearest charging station.

Available in Europe: Mercedes-Benz eSprinter and EQV

There’s always a competitor for everything, including the Ford E-Transit. This Mercedes-Benz sprinter van is a commercial vehicle as well. However, the electric van is already available in Europe. In 2023, the Sprinter will enter two new locations, one of which is the US. Built on the automaker’s Electric Versatility Platform, the eSprinter offers three battery pack sizes and could even operate as ambulances. KBB suggested the EQV passenger model could make its way to the US. In Europe, it offers 200 miles of range and is already being turned into high-level campers.

Future electric vans: Toyota Mid Box and Micro Box concepts

In December 2021, Toyota announced its initiative to bring 30 EVs to life by 2030. There is currently very little information about the Mid and Micro Box concept electric vans. We’re not sure whether or not the models will come to the United States at all. However, if the electric van market picks up over the next few years, Toyota will have something to consider. With great models like the ID.Buzz, easy camper projects like the E-Transit and eSprinter coming, the Mid and Micro Box could be the perfect answer. KBB presumes that whatever happens with these models won’t be until closer to the end of Toyota’s 2030 timeline.

Are there any electric vans?

In conclusion, a few electric vans are coming soon. Whether or not all of them will make it to the US market is yet to be seen. However, most are coming in the next few years. We’d expect to see more models popping up in announcements sooner than later. If Chrysler makes a Pacifica EV, Honda and Toyota will make Odyssey and Sienna EV competitors. These are the electric vans and minivans out now and coming soon.


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