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Christina Nunn

Christina Nunn began contributing content to Endgame360 in 2017 and works primarily with content for Showbiz Cheat Sheet, though she occasionally writes for Sportscasting and MotorBiscuit as well. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing with minors in Journalism and Marketing.

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The new Chrysler 300C is seen at the Brussels Car Fair, one of Europe's largest car fairs
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Four Cars Named After Iconic Movies and Movie Characters

Two of the world’s favorite pastimes include watching movies and driving fast cars. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the two worlds have collided on multiple occasions. There are a handful of vehicles that bear the names of famous movies and movie characters. Those who are lucky enough to drive one of these vehicles can enjoy …
Traffic moves along 42nd Street at sunset on June 2, 2019 in New York City
Tips, Tricks & Trends

The Added Annual Cost of Driving for Every Mile You Live Away from Work

Americans spend a lot of time driving in their cars during the course of the year. From spur-of-the-moment road trips to regular car rides to family get-togethers, there’s a reason that many people consider their vehicles to be their second home. Still, for many people all over the United States, the daily commute is where …
2016 GMC Yukon Denali is on display at the 108th Annual Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place

The Most Common GMC Yukon Problems You Should Know About

The GMC Yukon, also known as the GMT400, is a versatile vehicle that many families rely on for everything from heavy-duty road trips to everyday activities. More compact than a van and larger than many standard automobiles, the GMC Yukon has been a go-to for several decades, ever since it was first introduced in 1992. …