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While SUVs have supplanted minivans as the people-haulers of choice for many American families, there are still some minivan holdouts. This includes the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna. Both of these minivans have their merits, but there’s an important aspect in the Odyssey’s favor. The 2023 Honda Odyssey has one big advantage over the 2023 Toyota Sienna: better driving dynamics.

2023 Honda Odyssey has better driving dynamics than the 2023 Toyota Sienna

Front angle view of silver 2023 Honda Odyssey minivan
2023 Honda Odyssey | Honda

Minivans have long had a reputation as lacking driving excitement, but the 2023 Honda Odyssey defies perceptions. It puts negative connotations about minivans to rest. While the Odyssey doesn’t reach the level of sports car driving excitement, it’s surprisingly fun to drive. It has much better driving dynamics than the 2023 Toyota Sienna.

With its responsive steering, the Odyssey provides unexpected nimbleness when driving through city traffic and navigating curves and corners. Also, the steering requires minimal effort, with direct and precise turning. Furthermore, with its smooth-riding suspension, the Odyssey has a refined and comfortable ride. Plus, it has high-quality brakes, with the ability to stop more quickly than the Sienna.

The Odyssey is unlikely to convert driving purists and sports car aficionados into fans of minivans. However, as detailed by Car and Driver, the Odyssey drives better than any other minivan, including the Sienna. 

2023 Odyssey has a more powerful engine and quicker acceleration than the 2023 Sienna

Front angle view of green 2023 Toyota Sienna minivan
2023 Toyota Sienna | Toyota

Another reason why the 2023 Honda Odyssey has better driving dynamics is its robust 3.5-liter V-6 engine. It’s more powerful than the hybrid powertrain in the 2023 Toyota Sienna. The Odyssey’s V-6 produces an output of 280 horsepower. In comparison, the Sienna’s hybrid powertrain only manages to generate 245 horsepower.

Also, with its more powerful engine, the Odyssey boasts quicker acceleration. It has a 0-60 mph time of just 6.5 seconds, compared to 7.7 seconds for the Sienna. 

Other advantages of the Honda Odyssey over the Toyota Sienna

In addition to its better driving dynamics, the 2023 Odyssey has some other advantages over the 2023 Sienna. This includes more storage space, with a maximum cargo capacity of 144.9 cu-ft, compared to 101.0 cu-ft for the Sienna. Also, Odyssey is more reliable — with a higher J.D. Power reliability rating (81/100 vs. 74/100). Furthermore, it offers some features that are not available for Sienna. This includes a noise cancelation function, a remote start system, and a tire inflation monitoring system. 

With its better driving dynamics, the 2023 Honda Odyssey has a big advantage over the 2023 Toyota Sienna. When deliberating about which minivan to get, this is an important factor to consider. 

Drivers that get behind the wheel of the Odyssey might forget that they are driving a three-row minivan. It provides a surprisingly enjoyable driving experience — with its precise and responsive steering, agile handling, confident braking, quick acceleration, and a comfortable and refined ride. On top of that, the Odyssey has qualities that make it a good choice for families, including a roomy interior, high-level comfort, and many convenience features.