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Minivans don’t have the widespread appeal they used to, but they still have a loyal consumer base in the form of families and people who have embraced the van life. Used minivans remain a great choice for families, and the Honda Odyssey is one of the more reliable models.

While reliability scores are a great indicator of how a vehicle will hold up, you still need to obtain a vehicle history report and perform a mechanical inspection before purchasing a used car. Here are three reliable Honda Odyssey model years for under $15,000.

2012 Honda Odyssey

J.D. Power ranks the 2012 Honda Odyssey as number three in the minivan category and has awarded it with a quality and reliability score of 81 out of 100. It has an overall score of 82 and a driving experience score of 85.

The 2012 model comes with a 248 hp V6 engine. There are two transmission types available. The first is a five-speed automatic, and the second is a six-speed automatic. Most buyers are paying anywhere from $8,704 – $12,968.

U.S. News differs from J.D. Power in the fact that it ranks the 2012 Honda Odyssey at number two in the minivan category. The news site was pleased with the handling, safety scores, and high-quality materials. The only area U.S. News was slightly disappointed was the confusing interior controls.

2013 Honda Odyssey

The 2013 Honda Odyssey didn’t perform quite as well as its predecessor. J.D. Power gave it a 78 out of 100 for its quality and reliability score, which is four points less. It also has an overall score of 79 and a driving experience score of 79. In spite of the slight fall from grace, the 2013 model is ranked at number two in the minivan category, which was a step up.

There were a few notable changes for the 2013 Odyssey, which includes Bluetooth, a rearview camera, and a USB port. The engine remains the same for the 2013 model, although the average price paid is $9,704 – $15,066. Many owners were thrilled with the comfortable third row, which is very important for anyone interested in purchasing a minivan.

U.S. News ranks the 2013 Honda Odyssey at number three in the minivan category, which is a drop. There were no pros listed, and the interior controls are still listed as a con. 

2015 Honda Odyssey

The 2015 was another very reliable Honda Odyssey model year for under $15,000. In fact, it received the highest reliability scores of the three models listed by J.D. Power. The quality and reliability score was 82, while the driving experience was 80, and the overall score was 81. It is still ranked at number two in the minivan segment.

Owners continue to enjoy the comfortable third row and the feeling of safety while driving. What they didn’t enjoy was the lack of voice recognition and Bluetooth, as well as the instruments, gauges, and how loud it can be.

U.S. News awarded the 2015 Honda Odyssey the number-one slot in minivans. The interior, composed handling, impressive fuel mileage, and reliability rating, all helped boost the Odyssey to the number one slot. The only thing U.S. News didn’t like was the fact you must remove the second-row seats to access the full amount of cargo space.

The 2015 still has the same 248 hp V-6 engine as the 2012 and 2013. In fact, there were no major changes for this model year. 

Because it is a newer model, and many will have lower mileage, it has a price range of $13,149-$21,765. This may make it difficult to find one available for less than $15,000, but still remains a great choice if you can locate one.