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It’s time for a reliability breakdown! Is the Nissan Rogue or Toyota RAV4 more prone to breaking down? While the Toyota RAV4 has a good reputation for durability the 2024 Nissan Rogue is here to cause an upset. 

2024 Nissan Rogue vs. 2024 Toyota RAV4: Which SUV is more reliable? 

The numbers are in and they favor the 2024 Nissan Rogue. According to J.D.power, The Rogue is more reliable than the 2024 Toyota RAV4. 

The 2024 Rogue earned a reliability score of 83 out of 100 while the 2024 Rogue has a score of 76. Not only is the Rogue ranking seven points ahead, but it sits in a higher category. 

Scores between 70 and 80 are average, while anything between 81 and 90 is above average. Also, scores between 91 and 100 are best. 

J.D.Power ranks SUVs on reliability based on feedback from actual owners. Thousands of independent and unbiased drivers report the issues they face ranging from exterior paint issues, transmission problems, engine failure, wonky electronics, and more. 

Then a 100-point score is assigned based on their feedback. A higher score means the vehicle experiences fewer problems. 

The 2024 Toyota RAV4 off-roading
2024 Toyota RAV4 | Toyota

The average Rogue model is expected to make it between 200,000 and 250,000 miles. With regular care and proper maintenance, it can surpass 300,000 miles. If you drive about 15,000 miles annually, then your Rogue could provide 16 years of service on the road. 

The average Toyota RAV4 SUV is expected to last between 200,000 to 250,000 miles as well. Plus, some examples have surpassed 300,000 miles. But regular care is the key to survival. 

It costs $429 to maintain the RAV4 annually and $467 for the Rogue. Both SUVs are under the average yearly maintenance cost of $520 for new compact SUVs. 

Both SUVs have a 0.3% chance of unscheduled visits to repair shops, which is average for the class. Larger vehicles have a 0.4% chance of unexpected repairs. 

The RAV4 and Rogue may seem to have similar lifespans, but there can only be one winner. The Rogue currently has a chance to outlast the RAV4, but both options are great SUVs.