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Be prepared for a heart-wrenching story about dogs and puppies facing abandonment. Spoiler alert, no puppies were physically harmed, but possibly emotionally scared after being left in the rain, watching their person drive away in an SUV. The puppies chased the SUV but it didn’t stop. 

Four dogs desperately chase an SUV after benign abandoned 

Thank the Charleston Animal Society, Charleston Fire Department, and North Charleston Police in South Carolina for working together to save puppies during a rainstorm after an SUV driver abandoned four puppies near a busy street. 

Video footage shows a woman pulling up to the shelter in a grey SUV to abandon some dogs. She is seen pulling two adult dogs that were chained together and two puppies out of her car before leaving them. 

In disbelief, the dogs and puppies all chased after the SUV in the pounding rain. They were circling her vehicle and almost got run over in an attempt to get the woman to change her mind. 

But she didn’t and pulled into a busy street as the puppies entered the lane of oncoming traffic on Remount Road. 

Two firefighters, police officers, and Charleston Animal Society team members worked together to retrieve each dog from the road. They were named after the brave people who faced oncoming traffic to save them. 

The dogs were placed in the shelter. They were soaking wet, shaking, frightened, and confused. They’re lucky to be alive and should be available for adoption soon. 

At the Charleston Animal Shelter, animal safety is extremely important. Plus, abandoning animals in South Carolina is not only cruel but illegal, as stated on the signs right by where the dog family was left. 

If you have any information about this woman or her SUV please email

The SUV is hard to verify due to the video quality. it’s a bit blurry, but if I had to guess, it’s a Nissan Rogue. This of course is no reflection on Nissan, it’s just a little detective work that I hope helps this case.