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All dogs are good dogs, but Aries is by far the goodest. After her person suffered a car crash, the 3-year-old pooch ran a mile to get help. Where did the smart dog go? The one place she knew she could trust the people: her doggie daycare center.

It all stared as a normal day for Aries. The pit bull-mix was enjoying one of her favorite hobbies: hanging her head out the open window while her human, Melissa Fickel, drove around the Detroit Metro Area. Then a sudden huge crash threw Aries out the window. She landed on the pavement, gathered her wits, and realized her human needed help.

Aries isn’t just the goodest girl. She’s the smartest too. She realized she was near some people who would surely help: her doggie daycare staff. So she ran a mile up the road to Troy, Michigan, where she remembered the facility is located.

She went right to the front door, but there was no one home. So she stood up on her back legs to peer through the window: Empty. But Aries wasn’t going to give up on Melissa that easily. She began running around the building, searching for someone to help.

Little did Aries know that the staff was on their lunch break. Lucky for her, general manager Dominic Pace went to the front desk to check the phones and emails.

Aries the pit bull
Pit Bull | Taylor Deas Melesh via Unsplash

“We noticed something dart past the front door…It was like a black blur that just went past.” When the employees caught up with Aries, they found her, “a little freaked out.”

They immediately called Aries’ owner. As you might have guessed, emergency services had already responded to the crash. Miraculously, there were no serious injuries. But Melissa was beside herself, worrying Aries was lost. When the daycare staff called her, “She was very relieved.”

Pace described Aries as very friendly and sweet. Her “special move” is to flop on her back and wait for belly rubs.

Why did she end up at the daycare? “She knows that she’s safe here, that she has people here that will take care of her and dogs are pretty intuitive when it comes to that kind of thing.”

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