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It’s a rare blessing when you can report on a car crash story with such a happy ending. Especially when, for a moment, tragedy seemed unavoidable.

On June eighth, KHQ TV out of Spokane, Washington reported a car crash. The incident happened just across the border, in Rathdrum, Idaho. A Washington native was driving his Buick through Rathdrum when a GMC Yukon towing a horse trailer turned in front of him and he struck the SUV. But that’s not all.

According to KHQ, the man’s dog was thrown from the car. Then the dog disappeared. “Tilly” is a Border Collie/Heeler mix. The news channel described him and listed the local Animal Control Office’s phone number.

Then the news channel, Animal Control Officer, and Tilly’s owner all waited. They waited for a day, then a weekend, and eventually they must have been losing hope. Then something miraculous happened.

Border Collie herding dog and a flock of sheep in a green field under a blue sky.
Border Collie herding sheep | Cavan Images via iStockPhotos

According to the KHQ article, updated on August first, someone called in from a nearby sheep farm. Tilly seems to have moved in and taken on the job of sheep herder.

If you know anything about either Heelers or Border Collies, you know they love to herd. So it makes sense that Tilly, hundreds of miles from his home, would at least find a new job.

KHQ didn’t report on the aftermath, or even the owner’s name. But I’m sure Tilly’s people are thrilled to have their (very hardworking) dog back.