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Becky Arbaugh was expecting a regular shift at her Taco Bell job, but life had other plans. The lunch rush turned into a life-and-death situation. You might say this manager thought, “outside the bun.” Arbaugh’s quick actions saved a child’s life, and she revealed a heart-wrenching reason she was so prepared. [Security camera footage embedded below].

Arbaugh is the manager of a Taco Bell in Richboro, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. Through her headset she caught a chilling situation. “I heard a scream and then someone yelled out, ‘call 911 the baby isn’t breathing!'”

She took the lead, letting someone else worry about the 911 call, and leaping into action to help the child. “I threw my headset and ran outside to the baby.”

A woman walks out the front door of a Taco Bell restaurant
Taco Bell | Joe Raedle via Getty Images

The mother in question was Natasha Long. The baby was her 11-month-old son, Miles. Long had pulled him out of his car seat, but he was not breathing and had turned blue.

Arbaugh said, “The mom was panicked. I told her to give him to me and I performed CPR…I was trying to calm her down and comfort her and reassure her that he will be fine.”

After several chest compressions, Miles took a breath. Arbaugh added, “The baby finally started to breathe. The ambulance came pretty quickly and then they took over…The EMT said I saved his life.”

Arbaugh did not stop there, she got Long’s contact info. Miles was rushed to the hospital, where he is making a full recovery. Arbaugh has checked in with Long every day, even offering to watch Miles so Long can take a break from hospital duty. Arbaugh said, “She has sent me pictures and videos of the baby. We are now friends on Facebook.”

The reason the two women have such a bond is the same reason Arbaugh knew what to do. She is the mother of two boys and two girls. She admits, “My daughter had issues when she was little, I had to do CPR on her a few times.”

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