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If this comes to fruition then tons of people will be excited. The Nissan Xterra is a beloved SUV that people wish was never discontinued. Now a new spark of hope can brighten their lives because a new Nissan Xterra could finally happen. 

Is a new Nissan Xterra coming out? 

A new Nissan Xterra could enter the market, only it would take a year or two. During a press conference at the New York Autoshow, a video showed a silhouette of what many believe to be an Xterra. 

You could briefly spot a boxy vehicle with thick roof rails, vertical lights, and a bump in the tailgate. The bump in the back of the Xterra was a place to store your first aid kit. So, Nissan is playing with emotions here. 

Since the Xterra was discontinued in 2015, the lineup has been missing a dedicated off-roader as rivals bring back classics like the Ford Bronco and Land Cruiser. Nissan realizes that it has been missing out in this space. 

Sure, the Nissan Rogue has an Off-Road mode, but it doesn’t come with chunky tires, a manual transmission, tow hooks, or other off-roading upgrades. 

The 2015 Nissan Xterra on the road
2015 Nissan Xterra | Nissan

According to AutoBlog, North America Senior Vice President, Ponz Pandikuthira, said that the new Xterra is being very actively considered. So, it hasn’t been confirmed but it isn’t being denied. 

He went on to explain that a new Nissan Xterra would have to be authentic and a serious truck. Putting all-terrain tires on a Rogue won’t cut it because it would need real truck capability. It would also need to be inexpensive yet modern. 

Nissan Senior Vice President for Global Design, Alfonso Albaisa, shared that he sees an opportunity for retro designs that are more subtle and allude to past design cues without being restricted. 

Putting the new Xterra on the Nissan Frontier platform would probably be the fastest way to get it to market. But would it have a gas powertrain? 

Everything is going electric these days. Nissan plans on launching 23 electric vehicles by 2027. About 16 will be electrified, but the other eight will be fully electric. That opens the door for the idea of an Xterra hybrid as well.