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While the U.S. market is full of nice new compact pickup trucks, you might not be in a position to sign into a $30K or more car loan. Enter the Honda Acty. This perky kei comes in truck and van versions and was built in Japan for decades, starting in the late 1940s. Import regulations restrict Actys from entering U.S. soil until they are at least 25 years old. Still, you can find them in excellent condition nearly anywhere these days – and for an average of $10K or less.

Honda Acty specs, features, fair market pricing

A dark blue metallix 1993 Honda Acty truck parked in right front profile view
1993 Honda Acty 4WD pickup | Courtesy of Bring a Trailer

Most Honda Actys you’ll find on the market now are dated early-to-late nineties, so I’ll speak to its second gen here. This Acty era spanned 1988-1999.

The Acty, like all kei cars, calls to drivers seeking fun and practicality. Meant for mass adoption, the Acty is fairly stripped down. You’ll find cloth seats and crank windows. A lot of them tout manual transmissions. Many come equipped with AC, but not all, so be sure to check. Barebones radio is standard; there is no cassette player. A full-sized 12” spare wheel came standard.

One of the Honda Acty’s most appealing qualities is its frequent 4WD availability. Almost all Actys you’ll find stateside have it. Perfect for casual in-town hauling, its pickup bed sides fold down, not just the tailgate. This allows for wider or flatter strapping. Most posted Acty payloads will range between 400-700 lbs.

Keep in mind that all Honda Actys are kei cars with right-hand drive. If you get a hand-shaker, you’ll have to be sure to practice shifting somewhere safe. The left front seat folds up for additional small item hauling.

1988-1999 Honda ActySpec
Body style2-door pickup, 4-door van
Engine656cc inline 3-cylinder, timing belt
Transmission3-speed automatic, 5-speed manual
SteeringRight-hand drive
Top speed65-70 mph
Wheels12” steelies standard
Passengers2 in pickup, 4 in van
Available model years in the U.S. marketMust be 25 years old sales data show Actys going anywhere from $4,500 to $13,000. For 1995s, as an example, the average sale price is $9,800. Hop into any midwestern Facebook marketplace, and Actys are plentiful, low mileage, and well within this range.

I dare you not to smile looking at Acty photos on Bring a Trailer; to anyone who says they wouldn’t want to drive one at least once, I’ll call your bluff.