The Honda S2000 was Honda's two seat roadster sports car.
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Here’s Why Honda Should Make an All-New S2000

The Honda S2000 was one of the most exciting sports cars in the early 2000s. The S2000’s lightweight body, powerful engine, and affordable price tag should’ve made it a great success. While it managed to live for over 10 years, Honda eventually took an ax and hasn’t produced a replacement since. The result is that …

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Reddit Reveals the Dream Cars That Weren’t Worth It

Whether you dream of a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Subaru WRX, almost every enthusiast has their fantasy set of wheels. For some, they’re classic used cars; for others, they’re brand-new. That’s why people pay what seems like exorbitant sums for a machine that, logically, doesn’t seem worth it. But, as some Reddit users discovered, not …

Front Passenger Quarter Shot of a 1994 Del Sol

Honda Made a Mistake Canceling the Del Sol

The Honda Del Sol was canceled in 1997. There would be no replacement for the 1998 model year. Then in 1999, Honda launched the S2000 for the 2000 model year. It was a larger and pricier, full convertible. The S2000 was received well, but it did not have the attraction for people looking for a little, sporty, …


Five Special Edition Cars That Could Be Worth More in the Future

Many consumers buy a special edition car with the intention of keeping them for many years, if not forever. Whatever the case, holding onto any special edition car in hopes that its value will increase astronomically is a lot like playing the lottery, sometimes you win, but a lot of the times, you lose. That …

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What Is It Like to Rent a Car from Turo?

Let’s face it, renting a car from a traditional rental car agency can be a pain at times. While the invention of phone apps and being able to make reservations online has made things a lot easier, the most annoying part is the hidden fees that are tacked on when you finally get to the …


Prototype Honda S2000: Celebrating 20 Years of an Iconic Roadster

The legendary Honda S2000 was an iconic roadster that debuted in 1999 (as a 2000 model) and was an instant hit. During its 10-year run, Honda sold over 66,000 units across the U.S. before it ended production in 2009. The rear-wheel-drive convertible was widely renowned for its high-revving engine, agile handling characteristics, and ultimate reliability. …

Beck Kustoms F132 hot rod

Formula 1-Style Hot Rod Is the Right Amount of Insane

In the automotive world, a spark of insanity can sometimes be a good thing. It’s what brought about six-wheeled Mercedes G-Wagons and Jeep Wranglers. It’s what inspired one man to take a Mini Cooper pickup truck and put a twin-turbo V8 in the bed. And it’s why some people off-road tiny Japanese pickups. Now, that …

Honda S2000 CR

Used Honda S2000s Are Shooting up in Value

If you’ve always wanted one of Honda’s great S2000 sports cars but are waiting until they get “a little cheaper,” you better start looking because according to Hagerty Insurance they just sped by the Porsche Boxster and BMW Z3 in value. In fact, nice examples are already going for what they cost when new. Surprised? …