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Celebrities in car commercials is a time-honored practice. If you’re a huge “Captain Marvel” and see Brie Larson in a Nissan advertisement, you might consider a new Altima. It’s not rocket science. However, sometimes, actors voice over car commercials from a sound booth, leaving fans to place that celebrity’s voice. Such is the case with these celebs, like Jon Hamm and John Cena. 

From Jon Hamm and Chris Pine to John Cena and Paul Rudd, celebrities use their familiar voices to enhance the reach of car commercials

If you’ve watched a Mercedes-Benz or Honda commercial recently, you probably look up at the cars and think “I know that voice!” You’d be right; some automakers choose A-list celebs to narrate their car commercials and keep drivers interested. Here are a few of the actors who lent their pipes to automakers over the years.

Jon HammMercedes-Benz
John CenaHonda
Chris PineBMW
Paul RuddHyundai
Will ArnettGMC

No surprise, here. Jon Hamm, the actor who brought 1960s ad man Don Draper to life in “Mad Men” has been the voice of Mercedes-Benz for nearly 15 years. If you see the three-pointed star during a commercial break, it’s likely accompanied by Hamm’s instantly recognizable vocals. 

Jon Hamm smiles at an award show.
Jon Hamm | Phillip Faraone, VF24 via Getty Images for Vanity Fair

In addition to Jon Hamm’s double-ad-man action, former professional wrestler turned actor John Cena is the voice of Honda. Not just Honda’s car commercials, mind you. Cena’s voice highlights the Japanese brand’s diversity, from cars and motorcycles to futuristic personal transportation devices. Of course, it’s just his voice. You can’t see him. 

Beyond John Cena and his Honda work, “Star Trek” franchise actor Chris Pine and “This Is 40” star Paul Rudd use their voices for car commercials. Specifically, you can hear Chris Pine talking up BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” and Rudd speaking for Hyundai’s vehicle lineup. 

Will Arnett, one of the most marketable voices in the business, is the man behind the GMC truck advertisements. However, you won’t just hear Arnett’s words with a GMC Sierra on screen. No, the “Arrested Development” actor is on Recess adverts. Well, that, and his successful podcast “SmartLess.”