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Some car marques will reprimand or even ban buyers from repeat business. However, the conditions usually start and stop with speculating and flipping. When it comes to Ferrari, though, the automaker will blacklist and refuse to sell new cars to celebrities like Justin Bieber for image reasons. 

Money and fame aren’t enough to extricate a celebrity like Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian from the infamous Ferrari blacklist

Although the informal Ferrari blacklist includes celebrities from across the gamut, none of the high-profile buyers seem to be back on buying terms with the Italian marque. For instance, Justin Bieber’s automotive modifications and behavior, which the brand considered lewd, kept him from buying a new Ferrari. 

Frankly, the Prancing Horse has enough loyal clientele that it doesn’t have to let celebrities escape the confines of its famed ban list. See, the company doesn’t levy formal bans on paper. Instead, the supercar maker has conditions and expectations of its buyers. For instance, rapper and producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson landed himself on Ferrari’s no-buy list after posting a less-than-complimentary shot of his Ferrari 488 on a flatbed truck with an inflammatory caption. 

Justin Bieber's Ferrari 458 parked next to West Coast Customs.
One of Justin Bieber’s Ferraris | Allen Berezovsky, Getty Images

What’s more, some of Ferrari’s more reserved clients might see the blacklist as a positive. After all, Enzo Ferrari had specific visions for his car marque separate from his tenacious racing ambitions. He reportedly said, “The Ferrari is a dream – people dream of owning this special vehicle, and for most people it will remain a dream apart from those lucky few,” of his cars. Further, and supporting the company’s propensity for denying service, Enzo also famously touted that “the client is not always right.”

As such, owners of his namesake performance luxury cars might take comfort in the marque refusing to sell eccentric celebrities another new car. While it seems dramatic, Canadian DJ Deadmau5 wrapped his Ferrari 458 Italia The move earned the musician a near-lawsuit and a spot on the informal Ferrari blacklist, per EL PAÍS. Ok, some cases are more understandable than others.