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Modern vehicles come packed with the most advanced technology. Some of these items are on and working by default, but others require drivers to set them up or program them to their desired settings. The Honda CR-V dates back to 1995 and has evolved into an advanced and modern compact SUV. If you aren’t using these five features, are you getting the most out of your Honda SUV? Probably not.

Honda CR-V Power Tailgate Operation, person waving foot behind the bumper to open while holding plants.
Honda CR-V Power Tailgate Operation | Honda

1. Your tailgate has power operation and programmable height

Sometimes, you need the tailgate to fully open so you don’t hit your head on it and have full access to the open space. Other times, you need the tailgate to stop at a specific height so it doesn’t bang on the garage door or other overhead items. The Honda CR-V’s key fog allows you to control the height at which the tailgate opens, making it easy to control this powered rear entrance.

Honda CR-V Moonroof halfway open.
Honda CR-V Moonroof | Honda

2. Feel the sun and wind coming in through the Honda CR-V moonroof

Every CR-V above the EX has a One-Touch Power Moonroof, which can open fully, partially, or tilt. Even closed, you can slide the sunshade and let the sun into the cabin, basking your passengers in warm sunlight. When you need some fresh air, the tilt function works great, while a fully open setting brings lots of wonderful air into the cabin for everyone to enjoy.

Honda CR-V Reclining Rear Seat with part leaned back.
Honda CR-V Reclining Rear Seat | Honda

3. Let your passengers recline during a long drive

The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular compact SUVs, and its comfort is part of why. The rear seats offer more comfort to passengers than most SUVs. These seats recline, making your passengers a little more comfortable. The 60/40 split allows part of these seats to recline or old down, delivering an added cargo versatility.

Honda Infotainment Screen  with connected apps.
Honda Infotainment Screen | Honda

4. The Honda CR-V comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

In today’s world, you expect your car and your phone to connect and sync up automatically. Still, some drivers haven’t gotten onboard with connecting to their vehicles during their time on the road. If you notice a diver holding their smartphone while talking on it and driving, they aren’t taking full advantage of what these connectivity features offer. When you hook up to these connectivity systems, you can put your phone away for the drive.

Honda Rear Cross-Traffic Monitor Display, this feature helps alert you to obstacles behind the vehicle.
Honda Rear Cross-Traffic Monitor Display | Honda

5. Rear Cross-Traffic Monitor is a feature you must use

Most likely, your Honda CR-V comes with the Rear Cross-Traffic Monitor enabled by default. This feature alerts you when another vehicle comes within 82 feet of the backup camera and detects moving obstacles behind your SUV. This safety item can keep you out of trouble in a parking lot, and its alerts shouldn’t be ignored.

You might already use all of these features of your Honda CR-V, but if not, it’s time to start. Let these features help you get the most out of your compact Honda SUV.

Source: SlashGear