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John Cena was a bodybuilder and professional wrestler long before his career as an actor or the voice of Honda. As you might imagine, he wasn’t too modest to get down to his birthday suit for shock value at the Academy Awards. However, while the stunt generated some backlash, Honda isn’t likely to offload their instantly recognizable celebrity voice. 

Although you saw a lot of John Cena at the Academy Awards, the celeb’s relationship with Honda likely isn’t going anywhere

The 96th Academy Awards wowed, delighted, and disappointed fans. Among the most news-worthy happenings, John Cena, actor and voice of Honda, took to the stage with what appeared to be just an envelope covering his, well, shifter. 

For those wondering, Cena wasn’t really nude at the 96th Academy Awards. Instead, the wrestler-turned-actor donned a “modesty garment,” Hollywood trickery to conceal unmentionables on screen and stage. Interestingly enough, the Rolex Explorer on Cena’s wrist, depending on the model, pushed the value of his Oscars outfit to as much as a used 2015 Honda Civic HF. 

Some social media posts called the move distasteful, saying other personalities wouldn’t have been as welcome on stage in such a skimpy outfit. However, Cena’s faux nudity hasn’t resulted in an exodus of business relationships. As such, his Academy Awards attention-grabber likely won’t cost him his car commercial work with Honda.

In fact, Cena is open about his loyalty to the brand. While he is worth nine figures, the actor has an FK8 Honda Civic Type R that he drives frequently, per Road & Track. We certainly can’t fault him for that. Frankly, it’s refreshing to see a Hollywood actor rowing through gears and working a third pedal. After all, he did star in the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

A blue Honda Civic Type R shows off its dramatic design.
FK8 Honda Civic Type R | Honda

From car commercials highlighting the HR-V to voicework narrating upcoming mobility solutions, John Cena has been the voice of Honda for the better part of four years. However, in perhaps the best nod to his wrestling career, you don’t see Cena in any of his Honda commercial work. It’s really the antithesis of his Academy Awards stage time.