Honda Performance Division Now Investing in Youth Racing Programs

Honda makes some of the nation’s favorite passenger vehicles. However, that’s not the only market Honda enjoys with increased popularity. Honda also has a performance division responsible for designing and leading racing, performance, and motorsports innovations.

From sport bikes and ATVs to performance engine development, Honda invests in innovations across various segments. Recently, Honda’s performance division has been investing in America’s youth. This new program aims to inspire young drivers behind the wheel.

Honda’s motorsports division mission

A man coaching a child on how to properly operate a go-kart
Honda Youth Performance Development | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

Honda’s motorsports division specializes in performance innovations. The company designs and develops race chassis and engines for auto racing series, including the IndyCar Series, the FIA World Endurance Championship, and the American and European Le Mans Series. The group also leads the charge in supporting Honda Racing and Acura Motorsports customers since its inception in 1993.

According to Honda News, part of the mission behind Honda Performance Development, Inc. includes leading high-performance racing programs across North America. But HPD also looks to serve amateur enthusiasts, including racers between the ages of four and 40. HPD aims to support everyone who enjoys life behind the performance wheel, from go-karting backyard fun to the most competitive professional races.

The youth program to inspire kids behind the wheel

Honda Performance Development also does outreach and recently shared its initiatives to contribute to NXG Youth Motorsports via the Honda News segment. HPD plans to supply 30 Honda karting engines to the youth group’s program. Hoping to introduce the motorsports hobby to underrepresented communities and minority youth, Honda steps into the STEM space. 

HPD’s manager of commercial motorsports, John Whiteman, says Honda is “pleased to be able to assist” and supports NXG Youth Motorsports’ growth into new territory. Co-founder and chief instructor for NXG, Rod Reid, says its STEM programs create opportunities for these kids and partners the fun of participation in motorsports. The group offers five levels of STEM education along with critical thinking activities involved with motorsports.

Key learning points include the fundamentals of racing, track geometry, and mechanical equipment basics. Kids receive on-track instruction and learn to master self-control from behind the wheel. The life skills and education program is ideal for students who have never driven before. Additionally, the curriculum introduces kids to top karting speeds of up to 45 mph in a safety-first environment.

Donating engines to this youth program is just another example of Honda stepping in to support efforts within the motorsports arena. Honda hopes to inspire a new generation of racing and driving enthusiasts. The kids involved in this NXG program happen to be the beneficiaries of this latest Honda Performance Development initiative to do just that.

Races, development, and product sales


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Honda Performance Development involves itself in various racing circles, including Formula One racing, MotoGP racing, several GT3 series, and many more. However, Honda doesn’t just go fast and turn left. The organization is behind the development of some of the most innovative racing innovations and applications out there. For example, Honda’s GX series engines are legendary for harnessing raw power with lower vibrations, less noise, and fewer emissions.

Honda also delves into the power equipment space with its Honda Power Equipment division. When you think of robotic lawnmowers, snowblowers, tillers, and marine engines, Honda markets some of the best. Much like its motorsports division, the power equipment products and sales target commercial, residential, and rental markets. Just browsing the Honda Power Equipment website, it’s easy to see how involved Honda really is in everyday consumer lifestyles.