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honda Element camper conversion

Forget Van Life! Convert a Honda Element Into a Camper Instead

Have you thought about quitting your job, selling your house, and getting rid of most of your coveted possessions in order to live life on the road? Specifically, in a van? We wouldn’t blame you, considering there are thousands of Americans living the “van life.” But here’s a crafty alternative to buying a van; buy …
Honda CR-V used SUV from 2005 driving in the mountains

Best Used SUVs You Can Buy For Under $5,000 According to KBB

When you start thinking about buying a new SUV for loading up all the kids and gear, you might want to stay within a modest price bracket. For under $5,000 you can actually buy any of the good SUVs on this list. According to Kelley Blue Book, these are the 10 best used SUVs for …
2009 Honda Element

How to Turn Your Honda Element into a Livable Camper

The Honda Element was produced from 2003-2011 and was quite possibly the most versatile vehicle that the brand ever made. It’s utilitarian interior allowed for a multitude of configurations, which lent itself well for tailgating events and especially camping. In case you do the latter and currently own, or want to own, a Honda Element, …