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The NHTSA was extremely busy last week, issuing safety recall after safety recall. After the millions of recalls issued last week, it feels like every car on the road has concerns. Some of the top names among the recalls are Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Honda and Toyota totaled 1.7 million vehicles due to airbag issues, but there’s much more to this story than another major airbag problem.

How many Volkswagen vehicles hit the recall list?

Many VW models hit the list because of fuel tank issues. The Volkswagen Group family issued a safety recall for 261,267 models across the Audi and VW brands. These models present a problem with a suction jet pump seal inside the fuel tank. The fuel could flow into the evaporative emissions system and leak out of the charcoal canister. This increases the risk of fire in these models.

Some Honda motorcycles have fuel pump issues

Honda doesn’t only make cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks, but they also make motorcycles. Unfortunately, more products mean more potential for recalls. Honda issued a recall for 17,374 motorcycles because the fuel pump impellers could have been improperly molded. This problem can cause them to deform and the fuel pump to fail. If this occurs, the engine might stall and become the cause of a crash.

Deployed airbag in a toyota car
Deployed airbag | Diane Pilon via iStockPhoto

What about the airbag recall?

Toyota and Honda issued a safety recall for 1,750,015 vehicles due to airbags that may not deploy as designed. These airbags might also deploy unintentionally during a crash. These situations could create a dangerous situation and lead to injury or death.

Did the NHTSA issue other recalls last week?

The NHTSA didn’t only focus on Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen but issued recalls for other vehicle brands as well. Some of these are:

  • Mercedes-Benz – 105,071 SUVs due to transmission software issues
  • Mercedes-Benz – 466 vehicles due to improperly welded accelerator pedal module bracket
  • Hyundai – 4,245 Palisade SUVs because engine valve springs could break
  • BMW – 79,670 vehicles because the integrated brake system may malfunction
  • Ford – 77,574 SUVs for seat belt pretensioners that may lock the seatbelt and not unlock
  • Stellantis – 1,808 cars because the parking brake may be improperly adjusted

As you can see, the NHTSA was pretty busy issuing safety recalls last week. Should the high number of recalls issued worry us or make us feel better because the NHTSA is locating some of these issues before too many problems, such as injuries or deaths, occur?

Source: USA Today