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Head-on view of an orange 2020 Honda Fit parked in front of a glass building

Ditched 2020 Honda Fit Flips Off Its Maker by Topping This Year-End List

Automakers have to make tough decisions that sometimes translate to the discontinuation of a vehicle. In some cases, a car sells better in one market than another, so the manufacturer limits production accordingly. This is the case for Honda and its subcompact car, the Fit. After the 2020 model year, the Honda Fit will disappear from the …
Honda HR-V on display during the Thailand International Motor Expo 2020 at Impact Challenger Muang Thong Thani

The HR-V Can’t Fill the Void the Honda Fit Left

Every now and then, we have to say goodbye to a fan-favorite ride. Manufacturers decide that maybe it’s time for a fresh design. Others recognize failing sales and decreased profits as a sign to change direction. But when Honda announced the 2020 Honda Fit would be the last Americans would see of it, many were …
2020 Honda Fit parked outside

This Honda Is Surprisingly the Best Mexican-Made Vehicle You Can Buy

Some of the best vehicles sold on U.S. soil were actually made in a Mexican manufacturing plant. The Honda Fit is one of them, and it just might be all the better for it, since it’s well-made and it’s an all-around affordable car.  The Honda Fit doesn’t exactly have the popularity that some vehicles have, but it should. In …
Honda vehicles for sale at a dealership

What’s So Great About Honda Cars?

Honda cars are a symbol of Honda brand reliability, durability, and performance to a vast spectrum of brand loyalists. In addition, popular cars like the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord attract new buyers each year. The more people own and drive models like the Honda Fit or Insight, the more popular they become. Plus …
Guangqi Honda Fit Sports version at the Beijing International Auto Show, Beijing, China

The 2020 Honda Fit Predictably Topped This List

Hatchbacks are great for drivers who want the sleek sedan body with a more functional cargo area. The Honda Fit hatchback is one of Honda’s cheapest and most recognizable models. Its versatile cargo hold even earned it the top spot on MotorTrend’s Best Hatchbacks of 2020 list. This is just one of the Honda Fit’s …