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2022 Honda Fit | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

The Honda Fit (also marketed by the charming names as the Honda Jazz and the Honda Life) was a budget, subcompact car model discontinued in the U.S. after its 2020 model year but is still in production overseas.

First produced in 2001, the Honda Fit was built on Honda’s small car platform it shared with the Airwave, City, Freed. As a subcompact hatchback model, the Honda Fit is designed to offer the maximum amount of space for the lowest amount of cost, packing a whole lot of room into a tiny vehicle thanks to Honda’s patented Magic Seats.

Retired in America after its third generation with the 2020 Honda Fit, the redesigned fourth generation of the hatchback is still thriving elsewhere, now as a standard hybrid model. However, as an excellent value buy, many drivers would be wise to consider shopping for a used Honda Fit model.

About Honda

  • 2020 Honda Fit (Starting MSRP $16,190)
  • Pros: The small size of the Honda Fit provides excellent fuel economy and control on the road, while its hatchback design still gives it plenty of space.
  • Cons: While incredibly practical, the Fit isn’t exactly fun, with a noisy engine, plain cabin, and boring driving dynamics.
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