The 2021 GMC Savana Is the Right Van for Almost Any Job

When you think of a commercial vehicle, you usually think of a pickup truck, but often a van will perform better. There’s one that catches the eye of many, and it’s not because of its elegant styling. The GMC Savana offers usability and affordability, the two features that make it a great option for business owners. 

Car and Driver liked the van, and they shared their thoughts on it. Let’s see what they thought were the strengths and weaknesses of the van and why it’s good for business owners. 

The pros and cons of the GMC Savana

One of the best features of the GMC Savana van is that it comes with an available V8 motor and a turbo-diesel engine option as well. You get a 4.3-liter V6 standard on the van, but they offer a 6.6-liter V8 producing 401 hp and a 2.8-liter Duramax diesel that generates 181 hp. 

This van also offers you an affordable price for the base model of the van. The price starts at $33,695. As you move up in the lineup, price tags increase, but not as much as you would think. The top trim is the 3500 wheelbase of the passenger van, which starts at $38,895 MSRP. 

When it comes to drawbacks, this van has a few. The Savana has outdated styling, and it doesn’t come with modern infotainment features, at least not in the cargo style vans. Passenger vans offer a touchscreen where the cargo doesn’t, but it also doesn’t give you much in the way of driver assistance and safety features. 

What else does it offer? 

The base LS model gives a few features for your purchase. You get front and rear air conditioning, power windows, and power locks. You will also get an AM/FM radio system with MP3, a tilting steering wheel, and cruise control. 

If you upgrade to a higher trim like the LT, you will get a few more luxury features, most notably keyless entry. In fact, you also get the myGMC mobile app for your smartphone, so you can lock or unlock the vehicle from your phone. 

Included in the LT trim are lane departure warning, forward collision alert, and a backup camera. Blind-spot monitoring is an available feature on the LT.

The GMC Savana has large comfortable seating and a minimalistic dashboard design. While there’s plenty of storage space in the back, tall people won’t be able to stand up comfortably in the Savana like you can with the high-roof rival vans, like the Ford Transit

Why is the GMC Savana ideal for business owners?


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The cargo vans offer 286.6 cubic feet of storage space in the back. If you have a business where you need to haul equipment or parts to various places, the GMC Savana cargo van will give you the most room. 

It’s customizable to your storage needs, and you can get some options like shelving as other storage solutions added to your purchase. Otherwise, you get an affordable base model that you can tweak yourself for your business easily. 

If you need to haul around passengers, the Savana passenger style will do nicely. The standard wheelbase can haul around 12 people with no problem. But, if you opt for the extended wheelbase version, you can easily drive with 15 passengers instead. 

The price, of course, is the best part. It’s even better if you’re able to find a used one in good shape because you could find one for $10,000 or less if you really search. 

The GMC Savana is a nice full-size van that’s perfect for business owners who don’t care about having the latest modernized features. This van is simple and outdated in its styling, but it’s still pretty affordable.