Red 2009 Chevrolet HHR SS wagon panel van version, side view, with Doug Demuro behind it
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The Chevy HHR Makes for an Odd High-Performance Panel Van

Besides the Corvair-based Greenbrier, Chevrolet’s panel vans tend to be less about quirks than practicality. Though, admittedly the Greenbrier’s rear-engine layout was chosen for practical reasons. However, panel vans’ cousins, wagons and minivans, have shown that practicality can come with attractive design or even high-power performance. The retro-styled Chevy HHR may have been more car …

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Here’s What The Chevy HHR Got Right

When it comes to picking a used car to buy, a Chevy HHR probably doesn’t cross your mind. They aren’t terribly attractive, and they mostly look like a boxy PT Cruiser, but Chevy might have actually gotten something right with the HHR. The HHR matches the same retro-styling of the PT Cruiser, but it started …