A Chevrolet HHR retro-styled compact station wagon model with red paint color option at its unveiling in Royal Oak, Michigan
Chevrolet HHR | John F. Martin/General Motors via Getty Images

The Chevrolet HHR is a retro-styled compact station wagon/SUV model produced and sold by the American automaker Chevrolet, a General Motors (GM) subsidiary. A bit of an outlier in Chevy’s vehicle catalog, the HHR design was inspired by the looks of vintage Chevrolet Suburban models from the 1940s.

The Chevy HHR (Heritage High Roof) was first introduced at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show and used the same vehicle platform as the Chevy Cobalt, the Pontiac G5, and the Saturn Ion sedans. Soon after, it was released for the 2006 model year. Along with its standard build, the Chevrolet HHR was also offered as a panel van/panel wagon variant, maximizing its available cargo space.

The Chevrolet HHR was discontinued in 2011 due to declining sales, which might have been due to its retro-influenced style going out of vogue in the 2010s. At the height of its popularity, the HHR faced stiff competition from the Dodge Caliber, the Honda Element, the Jeep Compass and Patriot, and the Scion xB.

About Chevrolet

  • 2011 Chevrolet HHR (Starting MSRP $18,720)
  • Pros: The Chevrolet HHR compact station wagon/SUV looks unique on the road due to its retro style. Additionally, it has a powerful baseline engine for its size, plenty of cargo space, and was an inexpensive option on the market.
  • Cons: The HHR had consistent handling and braking issues in addition to unreliable engine performance.
  • See Also: Cobalt and PT Cruiser

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