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Finding a reliable car, truck, or SUV is even more critical these days as costs are higher across the board. Some of the longest-lasting car brands are Japanese companies such as Toyota and Honda, but three American brands are on the list too. Japanese and American sport utility vehicles proved a winning combination, resulting in a much higher-than-average number of examples on the road with 200,000 miles or more.

Toyota is one of the longest-lasting car brands

The longest-lasting car brands include Toyota
A Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

When you look at iSeeCars’ study on the longest-lasting vehicles, there is a clear trend of Toyota SUVs passing the 200,000-mile mark. The Toyota Land Cruiser is the longest-lasting vehicle, with 18.2% of Land Cruisers on the road having 200,000 miles or more on the odometer. Also in the top 15 are the Toyota Sequoia, 4Runner, Tundra, Avalon, Prius, Highlander Hybrid, and Sienna. With that said, Toyota is the longest-lasting car brand by quite a bit.

RankModelCars Over 200k Miles
Average for all brands1.2%
Longest-lasting car brands | iSeeCars

Toyota has almost double the amount of vehicles on the road with 200,000 miles or more than the average brand, with only 1.2%. iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer said, “Toyotas account for the majority of the top 10 longest-lasting vehicles, which validates the brand’s reputation for building enduring and reliable vehicles.” With the cost of new and used cars at an all-time high over the last few years, reliability has become more critical than ever.

Honda and GMC are two of the longest-lasting car brands

Honda is another longest-lasting car brand
A Honda Ridgeline | Honda

Honda has many vehicles on the road reaching 200,000 miles or more. Approximately 1.9% of Honda cars, trucks, and SUVs are outpacing the average vehicle, which is good news for drivers. In the top 15 for all long-lasting vehicles, the Honda Ridgeline and the Odyssey make up for the other options. Around 3.7% of Ridgeline trucks on the road have 200,000 miles or more, and the Odyssey minivan has 3.2%.

GMC also had two vehicles on the list, with the Yukon and Yukon XL surpassing expectations. The Yukon has a long history of reliability, so it makes sense it would be on this list. SUVs were the forerunner, built to be family-hauling daily drivers that won’t break down or need repairs regularly.

Five full-size American SUVs are in the top 15: Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon X, Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Tahoe, and the GMC Yukon. GM makes these SUVs and shares many parts, so all five landing at the top makes sense.

Chevrolet and Ford also made the list of longest-lasting car brands

Chevrolet and Ford are the final two longest-lasting car brands, as you might infer from the full-size American SUVs listed above. Ford and Chevrolet are some of the oldest American automakers and have a long history of making long-lasting vehicles. “The majority of the longest-lasting SUVs and pickups are American vehicles from these brands, which helps contribute to their above-average ranking on this list,” Brauer commented.

Someone purchases a Ford F-150 pickup truck every 49 seconds in America, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Even though the Toyota Tundra is the longest-lasting truck, the F-150 isn’t too far behind. Ford makes the F-150 durable and ready for anything, so hitting 200,000 miles isn’t too hard. Approximately 2.4% of all F-150s on the road have hit 200,000 miles or more, which is quite an accomplishment.

“The Ford F-150 has been America’s most popular vehicle for over 40 years, and its popularity with consumers and fleet buyers is a testament to its reliability and longevity,” said Brauer. Making vehicles that run without too much fuss was pretty easy for the longest-lasting car brands. Modern cars are meant to last long, but the abundance of computers and technology complicates the issue. For peace of mind, one of these brands might be a good choice for a vehicle that can hit 200,000 miles.


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