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It’s time for the Ford Expedition to be remodeled, and things are going in a more robust direction. The word Tremor has been floating around, suggesting that the 2024 Ford Expedition will have more off-roading capabilities. Check out what to expect. 

What to expect with the 2024 Ford Expedition 

The Ford Expedtion SEMA build on pavement
Ford Expedition concept | Ford

The 2024 Ford Expedition will be totally redesigned. It will have a new exterior look, fresh interior style, and modern tech. While the 2022 Ford Expedition just received a slight refresh, Ford isn’t done yet. The family SUV will have improvements over the current generation. 

It’s also safe to expect new powertrain options and trim levels to build upon. Rumors mention that the suspension and chassis will be modified. Plus, we may receive a hybrid model before a fully electrified model arrives later. 

Speculation suggests that moving to a new platform could provide more passenger and cargo space. The regular models and long-wheelbase models should still be available. New special editions could emerge, including the Ford Expedition Tremor. 

What is the Ford Expedition Tremor? 

The 2024 Ford Expedition Tremor could debut as a burlier model in the lineup. It could build upon the Expedition Timberline with a little more grit to adventure further off the beaten path. According to CarScoops, an Expedition Tremor model was recently caught in spy photos. 

While the vehicle is heavily covered by camouflage, we can still gather a few clues. For example, it has revised bumper shapes that could improve approach, breakover, and departure angles. 

It features a massive skid plate in the front and seems to be riding on 18-inch wheels. They’re dark and wrapped in General Grabber A/T tires, like the tires found on the Ford F-150 Tremor. 

The Expedition Raptor is a possibility, but this model doesn’t seem aggressive enough. The Raptor would have larger tires and a noticeable suspension lift. The ground clearance of the SUV in the photo has a slight lift. 

Like the Ford F-150 Tremor, the Expedition Tremor could have monotube shocks, front and rear differentials, improved front knuckles, stronger upper control arms, and a double-wishbone front suspension with leaf springs. 

The Ford Expedition Timberline features an off-road-tuned suspension, a 0.7-inch lift, steel skid plates, 18-inch wheels wrapped in 33-inch tires, off-road shocks, and an electronically locking rear differential. It has a 10.6-inch ground clearance. 

How much power could the 2024 Expedition have?

The 2023 Ford Expedition Timberline off-roading in a field
2023 Ford Expedition Timberline | Ford

Official specs for the 2024 Ford Expedition haven’t been released. The 2023 Expedition Timberline uses the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine with 440 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. This engine could be dropped or carried over. 

The Ford F-150 Hybrid pairs the same engine with an electric motor and battery pack to generate 430 hp and 570 lb-ft of torque. The standard range F-150 Lightning model has 462 hp and 775 lb-ft of torque. Upgrade to the extended-range battery for 580 hp. 

When properly equipped, the Expedition can tow up to 9,300 lbs and carry a payload of up to 1,827 lbs. It doesn’t exactly need more muscle as it’s stronger than its rivals. 

We’re excited about a potential boost in power and off-roading upgrades. The Expedition Tremor will probably slot above the Expedition Timberline. Stay tuned for updates, as we could see the new model debut by the end of the year.