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We’ve got our eyes glued to the Ford Expedition Timberline. It’s hard to resist the attractive, rugged upgrades and enhanced capabilities. However, the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline doesn’t come cheap. Is it worth the upgrade price? 

How much is the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline? 

is the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline worth buying?
2022 Ford Expedition Timberline | Ford

You can get started in a 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline for about $69,695. The entry-level price starts at around $51,080. So it costs about $18,615 to upgrade to the adventure-ready trim. 

That is a ton of extra cash. Plus, these prices are the MSRPs, so the destination fees and dealership markups aren’t included. But if you want a massive off-roading beast with enough space to fit seven people, this is a good option to consider. 

Plus, it looks great. The Ford Expedition Timberline features a unique black grille, dark wheels, silver skid plates, and Active Orange accents. The protective cladding and pops of orange, including orange tow hooks, really set the Timberline apart. 

What comes with the Expedition Timberline? 

The 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline brings Raptor-inspired performance to the table. It has the same 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine for the best in class 440 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. The standard 3.5-liter V6 engine cranks out 380 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. 

It rides on unique 18-inch wheels wrapped in 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler AT tires. It has a ground clearance of 10.6 inches, which is excellent for clearing obstacles. The Timberline has a 28.5-degree approach angle and a 23.7-degree departure angle. 

But the Ford Expedition Timberline is larger than other models. It has a wider track and is 17.5 feet long. This beast weighs 5,500 lbs, making us wonder if it’s too big and heavy for some trails. However, it’s lighter than the Jeep Wagoneer and has more power. 

The Expedition Timberline features a two-speed transfer case and the Trail Turn Assist System from the Ford Bronco. The trail control system uses sensors to determine wheel speed while braking. 

If one of the wheels locks up, then the maximum amount of braking force is sent to that wheel to prevent it from slipping and sliding. It comes with an electronic locking rear differential and seven different drive modes, providing you with ultimate control.

The suspension is uniquely tuned for off-roading challenges and includes a high-strenght steel frame that’s built for durability and towing. 

Is the Expedition Timberline luxurious? 

2022 Ford Expedition interior
2022 Ford Expedition interior | Ford

The 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline Borrows From the Bronco

Yes, the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline is loaded with luxurious features to keep everyone comfortable on and off the trail. The interior was revised to include higher quality, premium materials. You can opt for premium leather upholstery and massaging seats. 

A massive 12.0-inch touchscreen comes standard with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If the screen is too small, you can upgrade to the 15.5-inch unit. Also, a 22-speaker Bang & Olufsen stereo system and rear-seat entertainment system are available too. 

The 12.4-inch digital gauge cluster displays crucial off-roading data. The Timberline can tow up to 9,200 lbs with convenient features such as Pro Trailer Backup Assist, a 360-degree camera, and Trailer Reverse Guidance. 

The Ford Expedition timberline seems to be worth the upgrade cost. It provides more power, comfort, and capability with enhanced protection.