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The Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition are two of the biggest SUVs you can buy; at least from the outside, they look very similar. However, regarding 2023 sales, the Chevy Tahoe beats the Expedition by a sizeable margin. Is there something missing from the 2023 Ford Expedition that’s causing this difference in sales figures?

The Ford Expedition has seen massive sales increases

Ford Authority recently reported that the Ford Expedition’s growth is up by over 99% compared to 2022. For the first quarter of last year, only 9,718 units had been purchased. In the first four months of 2023, the Expedition moved close to 10,000 more units.

The Ford Expedition is relatively affordable for its segment, retailing for close to $56,000. For that price, you get a 355-hp twin-turbo engine paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Starting on the Limited model, that same engine makes 400 hp. Even without the extra 45 ponies, the Ford Expedition remains one of the quickest SUVs in its class.

All-wheel drive is optional for each trim beside the Timberline, which offers this drivetrain as standard equipment. However, only the front-wheel-drive models can be equipped with the Heavy-Duty Trailer tow package. With that added, the Ford Expedition can tow up to 9,300 lbs.

To access the Ford Expedition’s eight-seater passenger capacity, you’ll have to spend at least $60,000 for the XLT trim. This one has all the base features of the two-row model, including wireless smartphone integration and tri-zone automatic climate control. Power-folding third-row seats come at no extra charge, but there’s also an available power-folding second-row bench seat.

Cargo capacity taps out at around 104 cubic feet, and up to 21 cubic feet of storage space can be utilized with each seat in use. The long-wheelbase model promises up to 36 cubic feet behind the rear row alone and close to 122 cubic feet. Both models also offer some attractive options, including Active Motion massaging front seats.

The Chevy Tahoe is 2023’s best-selling large SUV (so far)

The Chevy Tahoe isn’t available as a long-wheelbase SUV, but it doesn’t really need one. Its total cargo capacity is already close to 123 cubic ft, with over 25 cubic feet available behind the third row. The Chevy Tahoe also offers more legroom for the second- and third-row passengers (42 and nearly 37 inches, respectively).

The Chevy Tahoe has just as many comfort features as the Expedition, plus a slightly lower starting price. The base trim also includes a few extra advanced safety functions, most notably Teen Driver and Buckle to Drive. The latter locks your vehicle in park until it detects that both cabin occupants have fastened their seatbelts.

Does the Ford Expedition offer enough perks for families?

The primary buyers of large SUVs are those with multiple children. Given the Chevy Tahoe’s family-focused design and features, it has undoubtedly earned its place as the most popular vehicle in the segment. With 27,257 units sold for 2023’s first quarter, that’s a sales increase of over 13% compared to last year.

The Chevy Tahoe also offers more powertrain options than the Expedition, including two V8s and a turbo-diesel inline-six. The latter gets up to 21/28 mpg city/highway if you have front-wheel-drive. With so many appointments and school activity commutes to consider, having an efficient powertrain is always an excellent option. 

The Ford Expedition’s twin-turbo six-cylinder is still decent on fuel, earning up to 17/23 mpg city/highway. The Ford Expedition Max loses one point for city mpg. Overall, the differences between the two SUVs might seem small, but it’s obvious why some shoppers prefer the Tahoe.

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