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The 2023 Ford Expedition Max is an enormous SUV that’s especially appealing to large families. That’s because it not only has three rows of seating, but those rows are especially spacious. If you’re looking for one of the biggest SUVs you can buy, the 2023 Ford Expedition Max is a great pick. Here’s how much it costs and what that price will get you.

A blue 2023 Ford Expedition Max parked in front of a lake.
2023 Ford Expedition Max | Ford

How much does the 2023 Ford Expedition Max cost?

The base model 2023 Ford Expedition Max price starts at $59,940. That’s for the XLT. While the regular Ford Expedition base model is the STX, that trim level isn’t offered in the Max size. So what will you get in the new Ford Expedition Max XLT? A 3.5-liter V6 engine matched to a 10-speed automatic transmission and three rows of spacious seats.

The XLT also comes with running boards and middle and third-row seats that fold down. Even the third row of seats reclines.

The Ford Expedition Limited Max brings things up a notch

Moving up the 2023 Ford Expedition ladder, the Limited Max price starts at $69,115. The Limited Max adds on a Limited package which includes 20-inch wheels, a 12-speaker premium sound system, and Ford Co-Pilot 360. Co-Pilot 360 is Ford’s suite of safety systems. The Expedition Limited Max also includes a heated steering wheel, HD radio, and a navigation system.

The 2023 Ford Expedition Timberline isn’t available with the Max body, so the next trim level up is the King Ranch. The Ford Expedition King Ranch Max price starts at $79,170. You’ll get a 15.5-inch center display, 12.4-inch digital display, and 22-speaker premium sound system.

The Expedition Platinum Max is the most expensive trim level

The 2023 Ford Expedition Platinum Max is the most expensive trim model you can buy. It has a starting price of $81,620. The Ford Expedition Platinum Max has 22-inch wheels, a 12.4-inch digital gauge display, and 4G hotspot. The Expedition Platinum Max also comes with charging ports, a wireless charging pad, and a dual headrest entertainment system.

If you want to add everything you can to your 2023 Ford Expedition Platinum Max, it will cost you. Throw in a custom color, 4×4 powertrain, and trailer tow and cargo packages, and you’re looking at $89,065. If you add in everything, including destination charges, the total cost for the 2023 Ford Expedition Platinum Max comes in at $91,260.

Altogether, the 2023 Ford Expedition Max is a great huge SUV with a whole lot of features, both standard and added. If you’re in the market for a huge sport utility vehicle, the Expedition Max may be just what you’re looking for.


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