The Worst Used Ford Expedition Model Years

Do you want to save some cash by buying a used Ford Expedition? That’s a great way to save thousands on an efficient family hauler. However, be sure to pick the right model year. Not every Ford Expedition model holds up well, and some have more expensive problems than others. 

The worst used Ford Expedition model years 

To determine which used Ford Expedition model years need to be avoided, we are taking a look at CarComplaints. This forum allows Expedition owners to report problems that they have faced with their SUV. 

2020 Ford Expedition outside in field.
2020 Ford Expedition

Each Expedition model is compared by year, so you can quickly see which ones caused more trouble than others. Also, issues are reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration too, so those problems could be dangerous. 

Avoid the 2006 Expedition 

The 2006 Ford Expedition has accrued about 577 complaints. However, it has been around a long longer than more recent model years. Recently model years probably haven’t accrued nearly as many miles. 

2006 Ford Expedition Review

The most prevalent issue includes engine problems. The engine seems to shut off when the fail-safe light illuminates. One couple had their engine randomly turn off while they were on a crowded highway. 

One driver got a used 2006 Ford Expedition with about 100k miles on it, and it stalled on their way home from the dealership. A mechanic suggested replacing a computer part for about $1,000, but we aren’t sure if that fixed the problem. 

A 2020 Ford Expedition parked in front of a haystack
A Ford Expedition on display | Photo via Ford

Other drivers experienced random acceleration changes. One Expedition owner was going about 60 mph when their SUV suddenly cut down to 20 mph. Another driver was going about 72 mph when their Expedition suddenly jumped to 90 mph. 

Avoid the 2011 Ford Expedition 

In the last decade, the 2011 Expedition is a used model that has accrued more complaints than other model years. Ford Expedition owners reported various powertrain issues that could have caused wrecks. 

One driver was on the highway with their cruise control set to 75 mph when their SUV suddenly surged forward and lost power. They restarted the Ford Expedition twice before regaining power. 

Ford Expedition on road
Ford Expedition | Ford

Another driver faced loud stuttering noises during transmission shifts, and one owner placed their Expedition in reverse only to have it lurch forward. Other drivers had their wheels lock, the 4×4 system randomly engaged, and more. 

Avoid the used 2015 Ford Expedition 

The 2015 Ford Expedition has the most issues reported in recent years, with 128 complaints. It has engine and drivetrain problems reported, so we are starting to notice a trend. Some drivers experience a total loss of power while driving. 

2018 Ford Expedition
2018 Ford Expedition | Ford

The Most Common Ford Expedition Problems You Should Know About

Other drivers noticed that their 2015 Expeditions were catching on fire. One driver left their vehicle running for about 30 minutes and returned to find it on fire.

Another couple noticed that after they parked, smoke was coming from the hood before their Ford Expedition burst into flames. The fire report failed to determine the cause. 

Also, the 2015 Expedition has body problems reported. Drivers have struggled with water leaking in, cracked paint, blistering and bubbling paint, and more. Some owners even dealt with aluminum corrosion.