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The 2024 Ford Expedition is the popular American automaker’s full-size SUV option, and naturally, it comes with a lot of features and options. Car shoppers who want even more out of their Ford have 10 different trims to choose from, and the most expensive of which is the Platinum MAX, which starts at over $84,000. Here’s a look at the 2024 Ford Expedition Platinum MAX and if the full-size SUV is really worth its enormous price tag.

This is what comes with the 2024 Ford Expedition Platinum MAX

Since the Ford Expedition Platinum MAX is the most expensive option available for the full-size SUV, it also comes with the most features. That said, every Expedition comes with a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6. The power output of that engine varies slightly between trims, and the Platinum MAX’s version gets 400 hp. That’s better than the standard version’s 375-hp output.

The main upgrades, however, are in the SUV’s cabin. The Expedition MAX seats seven, which is slightly less than the SUV’s max seating capacity of eight. The SUV has fewer seats because the second row has two captain’s chairs instead of a bench. The seats have leather upholstery, and the first two rows are heated. The third row isn’t heated, but the seats have a powered reclining feature. The front-row seats also have a massage feature. 

In terms of tech, the full-size SUV features a 15.5-inch touchscreen and a 12.4-inch digital gauge cluster display. It comes with a 22-speaker premium sound system, wireless phone charging, push-button start, and more.

Ford also gave the top trim of the SUV a long list of smart safety features, including a 360-degree camera. On top of that, this trim gets access to Ford BlueCruise, which is the company’s semi-autonomous self-driving system.

Is the 2024 Ford Expedition Platinum MAX worth its $84,000 price tag?

Technically speaking, the name of the trim is just Platinum, and the “MAX” is an option that makes the full-size SUV even larger. Car shoppers who go for the MAX option get access to over 121 cu-ft of cargo capacity, which is significantly more than the Expedition’s standard cargo capacity of about 105 cu-ft.

However, the car critic doesn’t recommend the Platinum MAX, and it also said that it’s not the most popular trim for the SUV. Instead, the site suggested the car shoppers look at the Limited trim, which is the most popular trim, and it’s one of the middle trim options that Ford offers. The Limited trim starts at about $70,000, and that’s more than the base price tag of about $57,000. 

The Limited trim adds many of the luxury features that car shoppers may want from the Platinum MAX. On top of that, many of the Platinum MAX’s features could be obtained by opting for one of the packages that Ford offers. That may allow car shoppers to save money, and that shows that the Platinum MAX may not be worth its $84,000 price tag.

The 2024 Ford Expedition has a lot of competition


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If car shoppers don’t think that the Expedition is worth its $57,000 base price tag, then there are many other full-size SUVs that drivers can consider. The Chevy Tahoe and the Chevy Suburban are two popular competitors. The Suburban costs about as much as the Expedition, but the Tahoe’s $53,000 price tag makes it a compelling option.

Then there’s the Toyota Sequoia, which is a large, reliable, and fuel-efficient option. It gets about 20 mpg combined, but it won’t be cheap though as it starts at around $60,000.