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Everyone knows the market is crazy right now, but this is a little out of hand. A 2000 Ford Excursion with over 100,000 miles on the odometer recently sold for way too much. Listed on Bring A Trailer, the used large SUV went for $67,500, roughly $20,000 more than its original MSRP. Why did a 22-year-old Ford Excursion with 100,000 miles sell for $67,500?

A 2000 Ford Excursion SUV with over 100,000 miles

A 2000 Ford Excursion was a 22-year-old SUV that sold for $67,500 on bring a trailer.
2000 Ford Excursion | Bring a Trailer

According to Bring a Trailer, a 2000 Ford Excursion located in Gainseville, Georgia, recently sold for $67,500. Although the used car market is terrible, a 22-year-old SUV selling above its original MSRP will always set off some alarms. The vehicle has 101,000 miles on the odometer, which is shockingly low for its model year. However, it’s still exceptionally high for someone to pay the price of a brand new full-size SUV. Reportedly, the seller, Jnor9330, is the second owner since its production, and the CarFax report is clean of accidents.

Using CarFax, it’s estimated that the owners drove 4,715 miles per year. That’s far below average, plus the Excursion seems to have been frequently maintained. A clean title and history from CarFax make this old Ford SUV a very rare vehicle. Is that what makes it worth so much money to someone in 2022?

Is a 22-year-old Ford Excursion worth $67,500?

A 2000 Ford Excursion on bring a trailer with 100,000 miles sold for too much money.
2000 Ford Excursion interior | Bring a Trailer

This 2000 Ford Excursion Limited uses a 235 horsepower 7.3-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel V8 and a four-speed automatic transmission. Next, it has an Estate Green Metallic exterior paint color, and the interior is Medium Parchment leather. Additional equipment includes 16-inch wheels, telescopic power heated towing mirrors, front and rear air conditioning, heated front seats, a power-adjustable driver’s seat, etc. While today that might not sound like much, in 2000, those were very high-quality features.

The 2000 Ford Excursion has brand new BFGoodrich all-terrain tires wrapped around the chrome-finished wheels. Moreover, the seller claims they replaced the brake pads in 2021, so those are new too. The current seller is only the second in the Excursion’s lifetime. They’ve only owned the SUV for a short time, adding just 1,000 miles to the odometer. The original owner drove the Excursion for most of its life, but only 100,000 miles over nearly 22 years.

Why did it sell for $67,500?

There’s one reason for the high selling price, which is simultaneously the reason for the out-of-control car market right now. The one and the only answer is high demand. A few people bid on the Excursion, which drove the price far too high. People want this SUV because it’s low mileage for its model year, very clean and well-maintained, and it’s a discontinued model. Is any 22-year-old SUV with over 100,000 miles actually worth $67,500? Probably not. However, there’s only one available, and good luck finding another.

In total, interested buyers placed 59 bids on the 2000 Ford Excursion. According to KBB, the trade-in value on this model year in excellent condition with 101,000 miles is about $10,000-$14,000. In short, the seller made over $50,000 more from the buyer than they would have from a dealer. It’s always fun to see high mileage and older model vehicles sell for more than we think they should. Although with the car market in shambles, it’s happening far more than we ever imagined. It’s a great time to sell your vehicle, but not a great time to buy one. That’s why a 22-year-old Ford Excursion with 100,000 miles sold for $67,500.


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