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A silver 2022 Nissan Frontier driving on a dirt road

Are Nissan and Infiniti the Same Manufacturer?

Nissan and Infiniti are two popular vehicle brands that have made their way into the United States. However, who owns Nissan and Infiniti? Who owns these auto brands, and how did they become so popular?  Are Nissan and Infiniti the same manufacturer?  According to Garage Dreams, Infiniti is a luxury division of Nissan that was …
2021 Honda Accord driving

How Many Miles Will a Honda Last?

If you’re buying a new car, chances are you want one that can actually go the distance. Fortunately, several Honda models among this year’s lineup can last for 200,000-miles and beyond. But that’s not the only reason to consider putting a new Honda at the top of your shopping list. Are Hondas really that reliable? …
An image of a Chevy Silverado driving down a dirt road.

Recall Alert: Continental Tires Are Falling Apart in Traffic

Quick, check your tires! Continental Tire recalls nearly 100,000 Continental, General, and Barum tires because they may suddenly lose air or tread in traffic. The tires went to vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket after being produced.  Continental Tire issues a dangerous recall  According to The Truth About Cars, Continental Tire issued a recall for about …
A white 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye drives on a racetrack

North Carolina Drivers Block I-77 With Dangerous Stunts

You usually expect crazy stories to begin with ‘Florida Man,’ but today we have a surprise from Charlotte, North Carolina instead. Toward the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, a group of racers used Dodge Chargers to turn I-77 into their personal racetrack. The cops were called after reports and donuts but found the …
a GulfStream Coach RV trailer in a green lawn with a pleasant forested backdrop

Now Might Not Be the Best Time to Buy Your RV

So you want an RV, motor home, pop-up text, rooftop tent, etc. for camping traveling? That’s a great idea! However, it may not be the best time to purchase a larger, more expensive RV due to increased pricing and crowded parks.  Is it the right time for your RV? There is a skyrocketing demand for …