a GulfStream Coach RV trailer in a green lawn with a pleasant forested backdrop
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Now Might Not Be the Best Time to Buy Your RV

So you want an RV, motor home, pop-up text, rooftop tent, etc. for camping traveling? That’s a great idea! However, it may not be the best time to purchase a larger, more expensive RV due to increased pricing and crowded parks.  Is it the right time for your RV? There is a skyrocketing demand for …


Is the Toyota Camry Hybrid Worth Buying?

Everything is going hybrid these days, including the Toyota Camry. However, is the 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid worth the investment? Check out prices and reviews to see if the Camry Hybrid is worth the extra cash.  Is the 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid a good car?  The 2020 Toyota Camry begins around $24,425, while the hybrid …

Mini Cooper SE Electric parked in the city

3 Reasons to Avoid the 2021 Mini Cooper

What’s up with the Mini Cooper these days? Is it still a popular compact convertible? At one point, they were cool enough to be in, ‘An Italian Job,’ a bank robbery movie. So, what happened? Why aren’t people into the 2021 Mini Cooper?  Reasons to avoid the 2021 Mini Cooper  1. The Mini Cooper is …

2019 Toyota Prius Limited

Is Buying A Used Toyota Prius Worth it?

The Toyota Prius is the most popular green car. It outsells a variety of electric vehicles in the U.S., making it a pretty compelling option to buy new and used. However, what do you need to be concerned about when purchasing a used Toyota Prius?  Is buying a Used Toyota Prius a good idea?  First …

A robot dog recharging in it's bed at the Ford plant
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Ford Has Robot Dogs Fetching Photos

You might hear, good boy, no, bad dog, or hey, fetch that transmission, as two new robot dogs roam the floors around the Ford factory. These robot dogs play a significant role in helping prevent tedious work for humans when designing production floors.  Ford has two new robot dogs  Ford named their new robot dogs …

a silver 2021 Honda driving down a treelined road

Why Does Everyone Love the Honda Odyssey?

I’ve got a mystery to solve. You could say I’m going on a quest, or an Odyssey rather because it’s time to figure out what’s so great about the Honda Odyssey. More and more of these vans are popping up around town being driven by men and women who chose the Odyssey over trucks and …

2020 Toyota Sienna SE Premium AWD

Honda Odyssey VS Toyota Sienna: Which Minivan is Better?

We’ve got a battle of the minivans today. The Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna seem to be the most rockin’ vans for families, but which option is best? Each van has its pros and cons, so let’s see which option is the best for you.  Toyota Sienna VS Honda Odyssey  You can get started in …

An orange Mitsubishi Mirage on display at an auto show

The Mitsubishi Mirage is the Worst Car to Buy New

Are you thinking about buying the Mitsubishi Mirage? Well, then you’re pretty brave because it’s the worst car that you can purchase brand new. If you’re still considering buying the 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage after learning that, consider why it ranks so poorly.  Is the Mitsubishi Mirage a good car?  It’s a sort of an OK …

A blue Chrysler Voyager minivan parked on street

The Chrysler Voyager Dominates the Dodge Grand Caravan

Getting a minivan is a solid plan for driving your family and large items around. Only which minivan option is the best? The Chrysler Voyager and Dodge Grand Caravan are two options that might be difficult to choose between, so let’s see which one is better.  The Chrysler Voyager VS the Dodge Grand Caravan  If …

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan is Complicated

Some vehicles are complicated, and the Dodge Grand Caravan must be extremely confusing. Some people want a vehicle without all the tech bells and whistles to avoid getting confused, like this poor girl just trying to fill up her Dodge Grand Caravan.  The Dodge Grand Caravan Could be Confusing Someone filmed a poor girl just …

Hyundai Accent Hatchback on display

The Hyundai Accent Hatchback is Better Than You Think

If you want a reliable hatchback, then consider the Hyundai Accent Hatchback. It’s proving itself in terms of quality, value, and dependability. Check out why the 2017 Hyundai Accent Hatchback deserves a chance to go home with you.  The 2017 Hyundai Accent Hatchback  While there is a 2020 Hyundai Accent that starts around $15k, it’s …

2020 Ram ProMaster in Motion

The Ram Promaster VS Mercedes Sprinter: Which Van is Better?

When it comes to the perfect work van or camping van, it’s essential to pick the best van. The Ram Promaster and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter are both great options that could make deciding which van to buy difficult. So, let’s compare their specs to determine which option is better.  The Ram Promaster VS The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter  …

2020 Kia Sedona driving down the road

The Kia Sedona Minivan is a Mega Luxury Bargain

Switch the lyrics of My Sherona to my Sedona, because the Kia Sedona is one rockstar of a minivan. The 2020 Kia Sedona has a surprising amount of power and luxury to provide a comfy ride for the entire family.  The Kia Sedona is a Luxury Minivan  To get started in the 2020 Kia Sedona …

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback on display at auto show

Why is the Volkswagen Golf so Popular?

The Volkswagen Golf is one incredibly popular compact car with great ratings and great reviews. So, were here on the case to discover what’s exactly so great about the 2020 VW Golf? Buckle up to check out this wild ride.  Is the Volkswagen Golf a Good Car?  You can get started in the Volkswagen Golf …

2019 Acura ILX A-Spec driving down country road

The Acura ILX Can’t Provide a Luxury Performance

The Acura ILX is supposed to be a luxury compact sedan, but it seems to be missing the mark in multiple areas. Critics and drivers are rating the Acura ILX poorly for having a lackluster ride, low-class interior, and more. So, let’s see why it ranks so poorly.  Is the Acura ILX a Good Car?  …

2014 Ford Explorer XLT crash test

Car Crash Tests Are More Complicated Than You Think

On the surface, car crashes may seem pretty simple. You put a crash dummy in the seats and head toward a wall. We wish things were that simple, but in reality, car crash tests are much more complicated with the use of physics and biology to determine impacts and injuries.  How Car Crash Tests Work  …

Genesis Essentia Concept 2018 | Genesis

Hyundai Motor Group’s Chief Designer Steps Down

Hyundai’s chief designer, Luc Donckerwolke, has decided to step down from the company due to personal reasons. Donckerwolke was the mastermind behind the recent powerful redesign of Hyundai’s vehicles.   He first joined Hyundai Motor Group in 2015 after previously working with Volkswagen Group where he led the development of the Audi A2, Lamborghini Murcielago, and …


Porsche Introduces New Infotainment for Old Cars

In an intriguing turn of events, Porsche is introducing a new way to fit their classic cars with 21st-century infotainment. The German carmaker has named this new connectivity option as Porsche Classic Communication Management. PCCM features a vintage design while incorporating the infotainment features we have come to expect including Bluetooth, DAB+, and Apple CarPlay, …


GM is Done With Its Car Subscription Service Maven

General Motors’ car subscription service, Maven, is officially donezo. Maven was essentially an app-based car-sharing service that was created to compete with the likes of Share Now and Zipcar. When it was first introduced in 2016, it was marketed as the “AirBnB of cars”. Maven members could borrow cars in their area for personal use …

Tesla Model S P100D

These Startups Are Looking to Reshape Auto Retail

Car subscriptions are just one of the recent new ways automakers are looking to transform the car industry. Luxury automakers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche are among those who are leading the way with car subscriptions of their own. There are also many startup companies looking to revolutionize the way we get new cars. …


Consumer Reports: These Hondas Can Go for 200,000 Miles and Beyond

Like Toyota, Honda is rated as one of the most trustworthy carmakers. We love our Hondas because of how comfortable and convenient they are, and the available amenities are pretty great too. Honda vehicles are relatively low maintenance and offer great value for the money you spend. Some of the carmakers’ models, in particular, are …

A Toyota Tundra TRD Pro on display at an auto show

Consumer Reports: These Toyota Models Can Go for 200,000 Miles and Beyond

It goes without saying that Toyota is an incredibly reliable car brand. Just what makes Toyota so reliable? For starters, the carmaker is known for prioritizing functionality over frills and for being meticulous when it comes to adding new upgrades. Toyotas are also known for having fewer mechanical issues over time. With the help of …

A scene from the movie Redline.

9 Best Bad Car Movies You Must Watch Now

America’s obsession with the automobile runs deep, from the wildly-successful NASCAR racing series to car-centric artwork, songs, and perhaps most of all, cinema. Car fanatics have an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to excellent car flicks. Grand Prix (1966), Thunder Road (1971), and Rush (2013) are just a few must-see cinematic tributes to …

The grille of a GMC vehicle parked in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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Did GMC Really Used to Build Electric Trucks?

Think electric vehicles are some new innovation? Well, think again. The truth is that in 1832, the first electric car was developed. These cars were not the luxury vehicles we think of today. However, innovators in the United States, as well as in Hungary and the Netherlands, were developing electric cars in the late 19th …

The logo on a Kia Sedona for sale at a Kia dealership.
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This Could Be the Next Car Kia Discontinues?

While things were looking up in minivan sales in the fourth quarter of 2019, the increase may not be enough to keep all the segment’s current offerings on the market. The Kia Sedona saw a 38.9% increase in sales from the fourth quarter of 2019 over what it sold in the same period of time …

Takata, the company responsible for so many airbag recalls
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Why Do These Airbags Keep Getting Recalled?

Vehicle recalls are a headache for everyone involved from the manufacturers to the car owners. A particularly headache-inducing recall that is making waves again is the one concerning airbag inflators made by Takata. The company, which has since gone bankrupt and has been bought out by Joyson Safety Systems, first went under investigation for their …

The Toyota corporate logo

Honda or Toyota: Which Car Is Better?

Considering that sedans are swiftly being phased out to make room for trucks and SUVs, it’s not surprising that the automakers who aren’t scrapping their car division are getting more notice. Since Toyota and Honda are the two biggest automakers who are hanging in there, it only makes sense that consumers wonder who makes the …

The Honda Civic Type-R at the Brussels Expo

Which 2020 Cars Have the Best Gas Mileage?

Cars usually get one or two useful features for each new model year. It could be anything from new safety features, engines or transmissions, and even standard smartphone integration. Plenty of cars also got complete redesigns for the 2020 model year like the Ford Explorer and Toyota Supra. With new engines come different fuel economy …

The Honda logo on a new car

How Many Japanese Automakers Are There?

Pretty much every gearhead is familiar with the “Big Three” of automakers. GM, Ford, and Chrysler currently reign supreme as the most popular auto companies in the United States. GM holds the title of 4th largest automaker worldwide. The F-150, Ford’s flagship pickup truck, was even the best-selling vehicle of 2019. However, the best-selling passenger …

New cars for sale at a Toyota dealership

Are New Cars Really Safer Than Cars From the Good Old Days?

One of the top things consumers consider when shopping for a new or used vehicle is safety. Safety features and regulations have changed significantly over the years and continue to do so with each new model year. And while you’d think that more safety features and higher technology surrounding them would be an obvious improvement, …

A car on fire in New Delhi, India

Mark Harmon and His Wife Have the Best Car Rescue Story in Hollywood

Lots of actors have played first responders, action heroes, and tough guys in movies and on TV. Most of us realize that the actors aren’t really the same as the characters they’re playing. For a few celebrities, though, they’ve had an opportunity to rescue someone in real life. Mark Harmon and his wife, Pam Dawber, …

The Ford logo

When Was the Last Time Ford Changed Its Logo?

As one of the longest-standing automotive manufacturers in the country, Ford has understandably had to make some changes over the years. They’ve gotten bigger, they’ve produced different types of vehicles over the years, and they’ve controversially cut back on the production of some of their staples in order to focus on what they want to …

Ford display at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show

The 1 Simple Trick Ford Is Finally Using to Stay Relevant

The demand for technology talent is astronomical, and according to Monster.com, the tech talent shortage may be at its highest level since 2008, with 65% of the 3,000 technology leaders surveying saying they face challenges in both hiring and keeping high-tech workers on the payroll. Silicon Valley has been a trend-setter in giving workers what they demand to …

2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10

How to Improve Your Craigslist Truck (and Car) Ad

Selling your pickup truck or car is difficult at the best of times. Trying to sell it on a website like Craigslist can be even harder. Scams abound, and potential buyers’ time is limited. But if you’re concerned your post isn’t standing out, we’re here to help. Here are a few ways to improve your …

SOUTHEND ON SEA, ENGLAND - JUNE 17: People sit by their Chevrolet Apache 31 American pickup truck during the Southend Classic Car Show along the seafront on June 17, 2018 in Southend on Sea, England. (Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images)

How to Post a Good Craigslist Truck (and Car) Ad

Selling your truck on your own can be quite a headache. But there are a number of benefits to being your own salesman. And sites like Craigslist provide an easy way for sellers and potential buyers to reach others. But selling on Craigslist comes with its own risks and its own strategies. So, if you …

PSA Assembly Plant | Getty

Pluses and Minuses Of The Fiat-Chrysler/PSA Merger

It looks like the merger of Fiat-Chrysler and Peugeot’s French parent company PSA Group is going to happen. Both company boards approved a preliminary merger plan. So this has evolved beyond speculation. This would create a vehicle manufacturer ranking as one of the largest in the world.  Here’s What We Know: The merged companies would …

E-ZPass transponders work by passing radio frequencies to toll plazas, but they must be mounted to your car's windshield like this one

How Does E-ZPass Work and When Was It Invented?

The days of digging for coins in the cup holder to pay a road toll are over; that is if you have an E-ZPass transponder attached to your car. People who commute to work or frequently travel on toll roads know, E-ZPass is a real time saver. The technology behind the devices is widely used in many …