Recall Alert: Nearly Half A Million Cooper Tires Are Failing

What?! There is another tire recall already? We just covered the Continental tire recall. But now, even more, Cooper tires are at risk. Check your tires. Nearly half a million Cooper Tires for trucks and SUVs are being recalled due to sidewall bulges that could lead to tire failure.

Recall for Cooper Tires due to failure

According to Slash Gear, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has issued a major recall for about 430,000 tires in the United States. The tire brands at risk include Discover, Evolution, Courser, Deegan, Adventurer, Hercules, Back Country, Multi-Mile, Wild Country, and Big O in multiple sizes. 

They were manufactured between February 1, 2018, and December 1, 2019. These tires are commonly used on trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps for daily use and for off-roading tires as an upgrade to factory rubber. 

A close-up of the 2021 Toyota Tacoma's tire kicking up dirt
The 2021 Toyota Tacoma driving on a dirt road | Toyota

The tires have sidewall bulges that may lead to sidewall separation. This could cause the tires to rapidly lose air, increasing the risk of accidents. Cooper tires is unaware of any damage, death, or injuries related to this issue. 

Cooper Tires will begin notifying dealerships and owners with tires at risk around March 25. But that’s weeks away! You can see if your tires are affected by this recall by contacting Cooper’s Customer Relations Department at 800-854-6288. 

According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHSTA), Cooper will inspect the tires and replace them for free if needed. If these tires came on your vehicle from the dealership, then make a service appointment. Your dealership will also inspect and replace your tires if necessary. 

Why are tire bulges dangerous? 

According to Your Mechanic, a tire bulge is a very dangerous sign of failure. It means the tire needs to be repaired as soon as possible because it may burst open while in traffic. This increases the risk of losing control of your vehicle. 

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When a tire bulges, air leaks through the internal layers and collects in the outer layer. The bulge is essentially pressurized air from the inner tire. This weakens the sidewalls and interior of the tire, making it much easier to blow. 

Because the Cooper defect is caused by a manufacturing defect, the repair will be covered. A bulging tire can’t be repaired. It needs to be replaced. Other causes of tire bulges include hitting potholes or curbs. 

Who uses Cooper Tires? 

Cooper Tires is based in Findlay, Ohio. It has been in operation since 1914, providing over 100 years of service. By 2000 there were 60 manufacturing facilities in 13 countries, including China and Mexico. 

In 2013, they began supplying Ford Motor Company with tires for the Ford Focus and Titanium models. They also provide tires for the Mercedes-Bin GLE and Mini Cooper. Cooper also has been sponsoring racing series such as NASCAR and World Rally Cross Championships by providing custom tires. 

British Formula 3 Racer sponsored by Cooper Tires
British Formula 3 Racer sponsored by Cooper Tires | Getty Images

According to Tires-Easy, Cooper is number six on the list of the top 10 tire companies. So, they aren’t ranked as the worst or exactly the best. Continental and Michelin tires rank higher on the list. 

The Cooper Evolution tire is one of the best options on the market. The tire is built for comfort, fuel efficiency, and reliable traction. It has Cooper’s 3D Micro-Gauge siping technology to prove even wear during its lifetime. Plus, the five-rib tread pattern and Stabilege technology work to hold the tread stray and prevent hydroplaning.