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Numerous luxury car makers set unprecedented sales records in 2022. For example, Rolls-Royce shifted 6,000 units for the first time last year. Yet, competitor Bentley has them licked. The “Flying B” lofted much higher in the sales bracket than the “Spirit of Ecstasy.” Spurred by immense demand for the Bentayga SUV, Bentley sold a record 15,174 vehicles in 2022.

Bentley’s celebratory year

Bentley Flying B hood ornament | Bentley

With a production increase of four percent over 2021 figures, Bentley hit the 15,000-unit mark for the first time, AutoBlog reports. Despite rising prices and pandemic-related supply chain shortages, the banner year is also the third consecutive for the company. The 104-year-old German-owned, British-run auto manufacturer is said to have taken a page out of Rolls-Royce’s book to increase sales.

Yahoo News explains that Bentley has increasingly focused on customization for its deep-pocketed customers. Some handcrafted options even include dashboards and trimmings fashioned out of 5,000-year-old wood from England’s wetlands. Others feature an old-school Bentley-style rear-seat center console champagne cooler. The bespoke orders reportedly lifted Bentley’s average pre-tax sales price by 30 percent from recent costs. In 2018, the average price paid for a Bentley was $184,000, but in 2022, that jumped to $236,500.

Currently, Bentley presents immense luxury in three distinct offerings: the Continental GT coupe, Flying Spur sedan, and Bentayga SUV. Each comes in an array of trim specifications, including the decadent Mulliner and the sportier Speed.

The Continental GT range accounted for 30 percent of 2022 sales, and the Flying Spur 28 percent. The Bentayga blew both of those out of the water with 42 percent of sales as SUV demand remains high. Bentley’s best-selling Bentayga improved its sales by two percent, up from 40 percent of the company’s sales in 2021.

Where did Bentley pick up the extra sales? 

Most of Bentley’s global regions recorded increased sales last year. In the North and South America region, the company’s largest market, Bentley increased sales by 109 units to 4,221. Overall, the Americas represent 28 percent of all company sales. Europe, which has 19 percent of the company’s share, posted an 11 percent year-over-year jump to 2,809 units.

Yet, Bentley didn’t see demand spike worldwide. In China, vehicle sales fell by nine percent to 3,655 total units. However, sales in the Asia-Pacific region soared by 23 percent in 2022 to 2,031 units.

What’s next for Bentley? 

With a record year in the books, Bentley will continue to offer extravagant customization through its Mulliner program. Nevertheless, the company is also moving full steam ahead with its hybrid offerings and, eventually, a Bentley EV. The Bentayga and Flying Spur are currently offered with hybrid powertrains, but Bentley is set on going carbon-neutral by 2030.

To move into its “ambitious vision of the future,” Bentley is building an all-new factory in Crewe. The “Dream Factory” will represent a “fundamental reinvention of the Crewe manufacturing infrastructure.” Furthermore, the company is determined to fulfill its “aspiration of becoming the future benchmark of luxury car manufacturing.”


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