Limousine or War Machine? Cruise Around London in This Stretched Tank

The weird vehicles that folks will turn into a limousine never cease to impress. There’s one of everything from lifted Jeeps getting long to convertibles getting a stretch in both length and width. Believe it or not, that mindset does indeed extend to weapons of war.

Get your friends and go for a ride through London in a tank limo

Exterior view of the UK based Tank Limo, a stretched limousine made from an armored personnel carrier
The tank limo | Marcus Cooper/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Motor1 brought us the story of this absurd limo. It might be the best outlandish limo yet, too. Though, some clarification is necessary right out of the gate. While it is called the tank limo, it’s actually a modified military personnel carrier. A company called Tanks-A-Lot in the UK owns and manages the tank limo. Though it is a personnel carrier, it has a turret on top because it spent time in service at the Berlin Wall, according to the Tanks-A-Lot website. So, this isn’t a limousine that looks like a tank. It’s an actual piece of military weaponry.

Nick Mead, the owner of Tanks-A-Lot, brought this idea into reality some thirty years ago. Initially, Mead painted the tank limo white to correspond with the limo side of things. However, it went back to a more suitable dark green that the world is accustomed to seeing on military vehicles somewhere along the way.

Military green interior of tank limo in UK
Tank limo interior | Marcus Cooper/Future Publishing via Getty Images

The tank limo is 22 feet long and eight feet wide. Most ridiculous, though, is its curb weight. This rough and tumble limousine weighs in at over 38,000 pounds. Despite all of these insane figures, this thing is 100 percent street legal. One of the most popular uses, according to the website, is for people to take the tank limo on a cruise through London. There is one small caveat, though. When on public roadways, vehicles with tracks are legally not allowed to exceed 20 miles per hour. So, you won’t be moving all that fast. At least you’ll be able to really take in all the sights!

As their website states, you’ll also be one of the sights. One can only imagine the attention a tank cruising around busy city streets will draw.

How much does the tank limousine cost to ride in?

It certainly isn’t the cheapest limousine one could ride in! According to their website, rates range from 1,600 to 4,000 British pounds. With current exchange rates, that range is about $2,100 to a little over $5,000. Additionally, passengers must pay for a tow loader to deliver the tank limo to their destination.

Owners of Tanks-A-Lot and the tank limo standing beside it
Tank limo and Tanks-A-Lot owners | Marcus Cooper/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Though their website doesn’t quite show how up-to-date it is, there is a claim on the site that they had a bunch of neon lighting in order to put a hot tub inside. However, given that the tank limo is still white on their website, there’s a good chance it’s a bit outdated.

Nevertheless, the tank limo makes the likes of the 100 foot Cadillac El Dorado limo seem pretty tame. Sure, it’s four times as long, but at least it’s still a car for the most part. The very prospect of driving a tank around one of the busiest cities in the world is crazy, to begin with. Add in the fact that it’s a stretched one and is for fire as a limo, and you’ve got a good contender for the wildest limousine out there.

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