The Mercury logo displayed at the 2006 South Florida International Auto Show
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Mercury was an American automotive manufacturing division of the Ford Motor Company. The Mercury marque was pitched as a middle-point for Ford, with its premium/upscale models bridging the gap between Ford’s economy fare and Lincoln‘s luxury cars. This made Mercury comparable to the Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Buick brands of General Motors, which were priced between Chevrolet economy cars and Cadillac luxury models.

Mercury was founded as part of a Ford Motor Company initiative to establish more brands that could rival the expansive lineup offered by GM. Named after the Roman god, the first model from the marque was the Mercury Eight full-size car which debuted at the 1938 New York Auto Show.

Due to difficulties in modernizing its image and attracting younger buyers, Mercury sales began to suffer in the 2000s. Despite attempts to keep it profitable with new models and advertising campaigns, Ford decided to focus on Ford and Lincoln models, and Mercury closed down in 2011.

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Notable Mercury Vehicles:


Monarch: A compact car sold as a two-door coupe and four-door sedan

Milan: A midsize sedan named after the Italian city and produced alongside the Ford Fusion

Sable: A range of midsize and full-size cars that replaced the Marquis

Montclair: A range of full-size sedans, also offered in coupe and convertible variants

Marauder: A range of high-performance sports cars

Capri: A range of sports cars and pony cars (muscle cars)

Cougar: A muscle car model alternative to the Ford Mustang

Grand Marquis: A premium and upscale version of the Marquis full-size sedan, and also the last Mercury model ever produced

SUVs and Minivans:

Mariner: A compact SUV and sibling for the Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute

Mountaineer: A midsize SUV and luxury counterpart to the Ford Explorer

Monterey: A minivan that replaced the Villager, originally sold as a full-size car

Villager: The first Mercury minivan model

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