2020 Ford F-Series Tremor Looks to Pulverize Its Off-Road Competition

What is the F-Series Tremor?

Imagine if a Ford Super Duty and the ever impressive Ford Raptor were to have a baby. Then continue to improve upon that vision until you had the most rugged-terrain, off-road capable Super Duty that Ford has ever built.

The F-Series Tremor Off-Road Package combines superior off-road performance with Super Duty’s outstanding payload and towing capacity by combining superior hardware and off-road technology. It’s available on 2020 model Super Duty trucks with your choice of the all-new 7.3-liter gasoline V8 or the third-gen 6.7-liter diesel engine. You also get to pick from the F-250 or F-350 platform to fit your towing and payload needs.

What Makes it Special?

What makes the 2020 F-Series Super Duty Tremor special is Ford’s attention to detail and desire to build the most capable, rugged terrain, off-road truck ever offered to the general public. Some are calling it a “Godzilla-powered monster truck.”

The list of specialized off-road additions is impressive:

  • Upgraded Suspension
    • Capable of conquering the most rugged terrain
  • Extended Axle Vent Tubes
    • Keeps axle housings dry during water crossings
  • FX4 Style Skid Plates
    • Rugged protection for undercarriage components
  • Off-Road Running Boards
    • Automatically tuck up next to the body to prevent damage and rock-rash
  • 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac Maximum-Traction All-Terrain Tires
    • The largest tires that are available on a heavy-duty pickup
    • Mounted on 18-inch matte-finished black wheels
  • Trail Control™
    • Selectable Drive Modes
    • Special Rock-Crawl Setting
  • Progressive Rate Springs
    • Provide heavy-duty towing and payload capacity while controlling body motion rugged off-road terrain
  • Specially Tuned Rear Stabilizer Bar
    • Lower spring rate reduces violent “head toss” when navigating off-road obstacles
  • Custom Twin-Tube, 1.7-inch Piston Dampers 
    • Control body motion
    • Progressive damping absorbs impacts at slow and high speed
    • Substantial oil volume keeps shocks cool and working at peak performance over any terrain
  • Locking Rear Differential
    • Electronic shift-on-the-fly
    • Provides power to both rear wheels in slippery conditions
  • Dana Limited Slip Front Differential
    • The system senses traction loss and uses the brakes to send power to the wheel with traction in certain driving modes

In addition to all of this, the F-Series Super Duty Tremor still delivers the outstanding towing and payload capacity expected in the Super Duty platform.

What are the Specs?

The F-Series Tremor is equipped with a 2-inch front end lift providing 10.8 inches of ground clearance. This enables the Tremor to have a best-in-class 33-inch deep water fording capability, a 31.65-degree approach and a 24.51-degree departure angle, the best ever of any Super Duty.

While the Tremor is only available in 4×4 single-rear-wheel SuperCrew F-250 and F-350 trucks sporting a 6.75-foot box, it is available with popular trim packages such as XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum variants. Those that opt for the F-250 models will also be required to add the high-capacity trailer tow package option.

What Makes the Tremor Different From the Ford Raptor?

Early reports listed the name of the F-Series Tremor as the “FX4 Max.” Others flirted with putting a Raptor badge on it but the Raptor name did not really describe the capabilities of this package to the fullest. The Ford Raptor was built for off-road speed while the F-Series Tremor is a low-speed, rugged terrain, rock crawling beast at heart.

Also, there is the matter of the graphics. The Ford Raptor is flashy and demands attention. While it is no doubt a capable off-road machine many of them never leave the pavement for fear of scratching the pristine exterior. The F-Series Tremor, a sight to behold in its own right, is more traditionally truck-like in appearance, making up for its lack of flash with sleeper like off-road capability.

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